Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Super Easy Smoothie

So my child is addicted to smoothies. Fortunately my new "not quite a Christmas or Chanukah present since it came after New Years" blender is awesome. Despite my hating the cleaning it part of this process. But I may have received a new tip on how to make that simpler (I love twitter. Have I mentioned how much I love twitter yet?).

Anyway, my lazy mom super easy smoothie recipe is one my daughter concocted, with me adding a few extras and Viola! We have a favorite smoothie recipe forever!


- Small snack sized Ziplock bag of frozen (hulled) strawberries
- 3 full tablespoons of low-fat vanilla yogurt (yes, they are heapingly high)
- 2/3 c apple cider
- 1 scoop of Ovaltine mix

Purée or liquify and you are good to go.

And yes, my kid asked for strawberries, chocolate and peanut butter, but man, as delicious as peanut butter is in a smoothie, it is a pain in the butt to clean out of the blender!



  1. You are NOT kidding about peanut butters and blenders not playing nice together! Dang, that is a pain in the butt to clean.

    But the smoothie sounds delish!

  2. Chocolate strawberries and peanut butter? That's like pb&j plus in a smoothie!

    The Girl likes them too...I'm really bad at making them for her!


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