Thursday, January 26, 2012

Let Me Potty in Peace!

Seriously. First off - you know I have a young-ish child since I'm using the word potty. Or should I say still using it? Either way, you get me - yes?

She'll be 5 next month.

I try to say "Do you have to go to the bathroom?" but it almost always turns into, "Do you have to go potty?" I don't know why that is - it just IS.

So here I am, this morning, wishing for a few minutes to myself while struggling with the fact that she woke up before nine ... and yes, call me lucky, think whatever you'd like of me, but the kid doesn't go to bed til after ten. And that would be early.

It stinks.

Please don't lecture me on stricter bedtimes, a tighter schedule, so on and so forth. We've tried. Them all. She's a night owl like her mother. Can't seem to stop talking or shut her brain off to get to sleep. Everyone says that will change when she goes to school, but me? I'm not so sure. She's too much like me for me to believe that so when the time comes I'm just going to have to
will it to happen. That oughta work, right?

Back to the potty. You know you want to go back there. Sigh. I wish I could. Maybe I'd have a few minutes of quiet time and/or privacy. Without a child talking to me, cracking open the door or causing mayhem right outside of it (that would be what happened this morning). It's enough that when she IS asleep I have to shut the dogs outside as our puppy tends to stick her nose in as if to say - hey, what's going on here and why can't I be a part of it?

Seriously, dog? I know the way you make friends is to sniff other doggie butts and pee and poop and all. But mine? Off limits.

Anyway, where was I?

Oh, yes. Privacy on the potty. Does it ever happen again? To those with older children, do you ever have that ten minutes? Five? The ability to stretch it out and actually read a chapter or two? Oh, come on. If you're a mom or dad you likely know what it's like to try to escape behind the door with the current book or magazine and hopes you'll actually get through some of it, right?


Dreaming of potty time. It's not just for kids (or parents dreaming that their kids will finally get to the potty and drop the diapers, saving them money on seemingly useless and non-bio-degradable landfill directed products) anymore.


  1. I use the word potty still! Now I'm not one to stay in there one second longer than I have to so I don't think it was ever too much of a problem for me with the kids thankfully!

  2. OMG, shut up! I have a night owl here too - again, just like her mom, my little mini me :-) If we lived closer we could have no-sleep-overs ;-)

  3. You know what keeps them out of the bathroom...
    Taking a giant trophy dump that smells so bad that you peel the paint off the walls. It'll put the scare into them.
    As for bedtime...I'm at a loss. Chunky's routine has changed so much lately and I think it largely has to do with the holidays. His schedule got really messed upk.

  4. I guess I just forgot there was a different word than "potty." Hmm...As for privacy...non-existent. I will say this - it is getting better. Now they only come in when they're awake. They used to magically wake up while I was in the bathroom and then show up. So we're halfway there.

  5. LOL! Oh I can relate. My 5 year old loves to bust in on me in the bathroom. Yesterday, we had company and all of a sudden I realized I had forgotten to lock the bathroom door and it's the one off the kitchen that faces the dining room. I heard my little darling approaching "Mommy where are you?" I had to jump up off the seat to lock that door or there might have been some really embarrassed folks (me being one of them)!

  6. You know what's the worst about all this lack of bathroom privacy? When I have to deal with Lady Issues each month and my 3yo wants to join me. THAT is where I draw the line. She wails and whines outside the door and while I take care of what I need to do as fast as I can because she's pounding down the door and I'm afraid the neighbors will hear and call the cops. Thank GOD we have a lock on the door!!!


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