Sunday, December 18, 2011

A Simple Sunday

I sit here thinking about what I want to talk about today and the noise level in my house is so loud it's almost impossible to actually think. See - my in-laws are here, which is absolutely wonderful. It's been a great weekend so far. Yes, I mean it. I love my in-laws. But OMG. My FIL is deaf. As in really. He has a hearing aid, and I puffy heart this man so much, but the TV in our living room is at a volume level of like 50+. And that, my friends? Is freaking LOUD!

For me. Someone who is loud/noise sensitive and often asks my husband to lower it when the volume is up over 18. I mean it. LOUD. Effing LOUD!

Ah. Hubby and FIL are speaking right now so they have lowered it. And I will admit, I actually enjoy Chris Wallace's voice. I love my husband's Sunday AM schedule. Even though I miss Tim Russert. A lot. Still. But that's a whole 'nother story.

And right now, just so you know exactly what else I am dealing with. And to wrap up this post in ways that I wasn't planning ... my daughter is in the bathroom. Hubby just asked her if she's pooping. She says yes. He asks if she wants Papa to wipe her. She says no.

Papa says, "I've wiped many a child with broken arms and ..." I chuckle. It's funny. My husband answers...

"You never wiped me."

Is that perhaps TMI this holiday season? Especially when you haven't ever seen my husband's picture fully? I'll skip it for now (as I've gone over the 5 minutes for this brain dump and didn't even get to tell you about the child's FULL ON MELTDOWN in Target on Friday. Because that deserves it's own damned post. I mean, it's own post. For real. Abso-freakin-lutely).

Sigh. Happy Sunday, peeps. I hope I gave you a chuckle this crisp Sunday morning amidst the pre-holiday tensions and so forth.
I bid you farewell as I have to go wipe my daughter's bottom.

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Small addition:

My father-in-law just turned to husband and said, "Speaking of wiping - do they have good nursing homes in this area? You have to know my FIL, but I was the one who got the joke. Somehow men and potty humor just never seems to end, does it?



  1. I had to cringe, just a little ;-)

    Oh yes, I know all about Target meltdowns.

  2. I got an great chuckle out of the wiping! Looking forward to reading about the Target meltdown. Btw, I hid my stats. Eff em. Thanks for the good advice!

  3. I think that i'm partially deaf because of my dad. He is deaf in one ear so everything in our home was super loud.
    I was never good at that telephone game...remember the one where a kid started with a sentence and you had to whisper the message to the next person standing next to you...and somewhere along the line the message gets all messed up...well that was because of me.

  4. Nope, the potty humor never ends. Not ever.
    They really also continue to think burps are funny.
    Mars/Venus I guess....


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