Monday, September 26, 2011

Friends You Love is back!

Hi, peeps! If you were around last year at this time, you may remember Friends You Love. And if you weren't, well, you need to head on out and check it out immediately.

Here ... click this button:

Friends You Love

Go on, I'll wait.

There. Don't you feel good now? Don't you feel happy that you went to see? You must. I mean, all that talk about friendship? It's gotta rub off on you and make you smile. Without a doubt!

We've got a huge kickoff Twitter party happening on October 4th. You can read more about all of our upcoming events on our new and beautifully prettied up website and click here to RSVP today!

We'll have great conversation and incredible prizes, so you won't want to miss it.

And speaking of prizes, we're also having a fantastic contest where you get to sing the praises of YOUR BFF, and then possibly win a prize pack for you both! How amazing would that be? Yeah, I'm pretty jealous - as I'm unable to score that one. But I did write about my best friend last year, if you want to check out what we're looking for.

We'll also be doing weekly blog hops on Mondays with guest posters, a scavenger hung in the web world AND a twitter GALA (you read that right, get out your best party dress and steam clean that baby!) to round off our month of celebrating FRIENDSHIP!

Friends You Love ... it's all about friendship and love. And who couldn't use more of that in their life?


  1. I don't twitter. Do I have to to participate?

  2. Cute! I've never done a twitter party before.

    But I do know what Pic. I would use!

  3. Fun! Wish I could do the Twitter party, but we'll be doing bedtime with the kids at 7:30 :)

  4. sounds like so much fun...though i may need a Twitorial...i am super Twitter challenged.


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