Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Knot Genie ~ Product Review

I'm not one who tends to jump on a product review opportunity. It takes something that really catches my eye. Or something that I've heard of before. Or something - let's be honest here - that I really really want.

So when I saw the opportunity to receive the following product I will admit that it took me about two seconds to reach out and say, yes please. My daughter's hair is FINALLY growing. And if any of you recall my twitter explosion last summer, after she cut her own hair on one side, you'll know that I am thrilled it is growing the way it is.

That out of the way, there are days that she wakes up and has her own mini rats' nest on her head. Poor thing. We've tried the wide tooth combs that I know and love. And they work for nothing. We've tried skinny combs, and they're not good - not good at all.

Visiting my mom recently she showed me that a brush would be better. But I hate to use brushes on my kiddo, as they tear the hair out so quickly and what she has is so baby fine that it tears to shreds and ends up causing more knots. But I do it anyway. Or at least, I did.

And now, enter our lives, the Knot Genie.

Ta dah! The Knot Genie is my new best friend. My daughter is fascinated with it, as it really is so cute and easy to hold, and then, the amazing thing? No pain! No horrible and awful knots being pulled and tugged at to the point that my beautiful 4-year-old is about to lunge at me and grab the brush out of my hands (it's been close to being done, I'm sure).

And it makes her hair look longer when I brush it out. And healthier, as it's not being torn to shreds. And guess what? It works for me, too!

Right now the Knot Genie is running a really cool contest on Facebook where you can not only win your own Knot Genie (free for the first fifty entries!), but you can also win a $500 savings bond to add to your college education savings for your little one. Just click here to find out more on how to enter.

I highly recommend this product. If you can't tell, it has changed our lives in the short time that I've had it. It works on dry hair, wet hair. Tangles to no end hair. No more "Ows" ... seriously. Not a one! And today my kiddo has her hair in smooth and simple pigtails that I didn't have to use my fingers to separate and create. See?

Well done, Knot Genie. Well done!

** I received my very own Knot Genie for use and review and all opinions expressed here are truly based on my experience with this product. My daughter's hair is truly benefiting from this. I have not yet been but am to be compensated
via Paypal for posting and sharing my thoughts and experience with this product. All opinions shared here are strictly my own.**

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