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An interview and giveaway with Jaclyn1423

Let me start with a small piece of relevant information. April is Autism Awareness Month. The United States uses the month of April to educate the public about Autism and the Autism community -- Autism-Society.

Now, let me introduce you to Jaclyn.

Jaclyn has a beautiful shop over at Etsy, called
Jaclyn1423, where she makes both, beautiful and funky jewelry that you'll absolutely want to add to your collection.

And let's face it, women? When it comes to accessories? We probably DO have a collection. Guilty here - without a doubt. I'm already eyeing several pieces in her store, but I can't tell you which ones, because some of them may not have extras in stock. [I'm sorry - but that one is mine!]

I'm most especially eyeing this mommy necklace, which is made to order and everyone can get their own special stone and initial on it. Don't you want one now? You know you do. I know I do.

So I decided to take a different approach than just doing a giveaway and I interviewed Jaclyn so I could learn more about her. So here goes!

1. What got you into designing jewelry?
My friend Kathleen does chain maille jewelry. That kind of tedious work with jump rings is not my bag, but all of her containers of gorgeous beads definitely was. I've always loved jewelry -- my jewelry box is a piece of furniture in and of itself -- and once Kathleen showed me the tricks and let me play with her beads, I was hooked. It started as something to pass the time, and then became, "Um, I have a lot of jewelry laying (lying? I'm terrible at that one) around. I should try to sell it and make room for more!"

2. Have you always been creative? Any other talents?
I guess I have been creative! I remember winning a few of those grocery store coloring contests for Easter and Halloween. I love writing and knew since I was about 15 that I wanted to be a reporter. I'm a features writer for a newspaper. I love the creativity that affords me. I can also raise my eyebrows independently of one another.

3. What has been your favorite piece you have ever made?
Oh, I definitely don't have just one. I'd say my current favorite piece in my shop is these pair of earrings: I adore the pearl cluster, and I think it looks so dainty and elegant with the sterling ear wire. I can so see these on a bride with her hair done up in gorgeous curls.

4. What is your favorite way to unwind? Making jewelry definitely unwinds me after work. Reading does wonders, too. I like having my nose in a book while the beau is absorbed in an NBA game.

5. Tell me a little bit about yourself (long or short, if you prefer, three words works, too!)
I'm a 27-year-old (28 on the 14th!) who has lived all over the Midwest (born in Illinois, grew up in southern Ohio, college in northeast Ohio, back to Illinois, now in Indiana) and is dying to get out. I could end up here ... just not yet! I love to travel. San Diego is the most beautiful city I've ever seen in real life. I WILL go to Italy before I turn 30. I love to eat. When I imagine living in a house like a real adult, the only room I see clearly is my library. I don't like lending out my books because if you break the binding or dog-ear a page, I'll twitch. I don't like borrowing books because my to-read pile is HUGE, and I may not get to your book for something like three years. I'm playing bridesmaid to two friends this year.

6. Can you tell me about why you started creating the pieces we are giving away here?
My brother Joey, who is 21, has autism. I make the pieces to raise money for Autism Speaks. When I debuted the Joey's Hot Dog necklaces last April for Autism Awareness Month, I wrote up this blog post that really gets into the why, if you're interested. This year for Autism Awareness Month, I'm debuting Joey's Hot Dog bracelets. I received a custom order for them from a friend's coworker -- she had on her Hot Dog necklace, and the coworker asked about it. Then she placed an order for six bracelets. I'm also debuting a slew of new colors. And, like last April, 25 percent of all sales in my shop in April will go to Autism Speaks, in addition to $5 for every Hot Dog jewelry.

Jaclyn's giving away TWO items in my 'hood. She is going to be giving away a bracelet and a necklace! If you missed the link about how she came up with Joey's Hot Dog jewelry, please take a moment to check it out and let her truly touch your heart by clicking here.

So, here's the giveaway details! Our first place winner will get to choose between the necklace and the bracelet, and our second place winner will get the remaining prize. Both tailored to your choice of stone color, and initial, obviously. Here's what they look like:
And here's what you need to do to enter!

** Head on over to Jaclyn's Etsy store and let me know one piece you'd absolutely love to have that I have not mentioned here.

EXTRA ENTRIES: (be sure to post a separate comment for each - 1 entry)
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** Follow me and Jaclyn on twitter @goodgirlgonered and
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I just entered to win Joey's Hot Dog jewelry from @Jaclyn1423 over @Goodgirlgonered #Giveaway You can, too!

** Go shopping! Leave me a comment telling me what you bought over at Jaclyn's store and she'll confirm it.

** Tell us why you want to win one of these particular pieces. Has autism touched your life or the life of someone you love?

And if you want to buy one of these for yourself or someone special, Jaclyn will be making a donation for each Joey's Hot Dog item purchased to Autism Speaks. Thanks so much to Jaclyn for letting me participate in such a special giveaway!

Winner will be chosen on April 14th!

**I have not been compensated in any way for this giveaway. I offered to help Jaclyn promote her etsy store and was thrilled to offer to host this April giveaway to promote Autism awareness.**


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