Thursday, March 31, 2011

What Am I Reading?

What a perfect way to fill you in on my current reads. It's as if Mel[issa - but I totally never call her that] read my mind when she asked us to Capture the Everyday today and share what book we're reading now.

I used to be a one-book woman. I could never imagine having more than one bookmark actively saving my place at a time. I tore through my reads viciously. On the bus, the train, my lunch hour. And then I relocated to North Carolina, and read and read and read. And then, then ... let me introduce you to my little time suck ... oh, wait, you know her already. She's four years old, about yay high. Yeah, that's the one.

And I realized I would never be able to read a book from start to finish in one sitting again. So I have books everywhere. In my bedroom. My bathroom (what? That's not TMI, don't tell me you don't do it, too. It's the only place a mom gets any peace, IF then!). Upstairs. Downstairs. I read whenever I can steal a few minutes.

So today you'll get a glimpse of what I am currently reading. I started the yummy-looking title with a cake on the cover night before last and am actually tearing through it. It's so good. Look for a review sometime soon. And I'm reading the Amy Tan one to actually write a review, and I really like it, but this cake one is for my April book club, and I've been so wrapped up in reviewing books I've slacked on book club choices. But this was my suggestion, and I plan on attending book club, so, well, so there!

The other two I've started and am making my way through. It'll take some time, but I'll get there. And if you want to know more about me and my relationship with books you can check me out on Goodreads.

Or you can check my Reading with Redneck tab at the top of this page. It's got reviews I've done and lists of books and all that fun stuff. I'm a book addict, I admit it. If there was a book readers anonymous I'd go and I'd talk about it with pride.

So, if you want to
link up with Mel today, go on, do it! You may even find some great books to read. Happy reading! Or good luck trying to.


  1. I used to read like 4-5 books a week and would also frequently read books in one sitting... before having kids. I've tried and tried to be as active of a reader as I used to be, but I just can't do it anymore. :(

  2. I can't maintain more than two at a time. Sometimes I'll start one and then get one I've been wanting to read, so put one aside to read the second and come back and finish it later.

  3. I was hoping you'd participate as I know you LOVE books! Kids being a book time suck is so true huh? I have so many ideas now though reading through the memes. We are heading to the library tomorrow so timing is perfect!

  4. Ooh, I had wanted to read the "Lemon Cake" book and then it somehow fell off my radar. Thanks for the reminder.

  5. Oh, I do that too! Not only I have several book going at once, depending on the modd - but I definitely have bathroom books - mostly relaxing reads that I can pick back up at any time without needing to be glued to them - 'cause I can't spend the whole day in the bathroom ;-)

  6. Intrigued by the Lemon Cake book ... will be eager to read your review. Will add to my list to read in the next 5-10 years. :)


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