Sunday, January 9, 2011

Stream of Consciousness Sunday

I'm going to participate today in Stream of Consciousness Sunday over at All Things Fadra.

I tried to copy the button over but it's not showing up when I preview, so I'll hold off on adding it and just start my writing in the raw in a moment.

So, this is my first time participating in this, but most of my writing is a stream of consciousness, honestly. I don't really do that much as far as editing goes when it comes to my posts, as what you see is what you get, ya know?

Anyway, what's up with me? Well, my daughter had the flu before New Years and I wound up with a sinus infection shortly after that. So I have the fun meds of Prednizone and the infamous Zpack again, as always, to take care of me. Fun times.

I'm trying to stay positive and believe that somehow this will be my last illness of 2011. Which is really hilarious to hear myself say (see myself write) because we all know that that is on the verge of impossible. At least if you know me then you know that's the case. Normally I'd probably link to some of my previous gripe sessions about being sick, having acute and chronic sinusitis, etc.

(Pause in the action - child just came to me to tell me her clip was falling out of her hair.)

Honestly, just the fact alone that she's let me put two clips in her hair and they have stayed in there for the past few hours is a miracle in and of itself. She's getting some crazy long hair and I LOVE it. I'm refusing to cut it, though I know I may have to soon as she's not going to be able to see if we let these bangs continue at the rate they're going.

Do you know how many times I tend to start to write her name in my blog and then remind myself I don't share her name with you readers? I mean, I know some of you know it, but I'm trying to keep some things "private" - meaning "off the net" for the time being.

Anyway, looks like I have under a minute left. I wonder how I did. Did I bore you all? Hope not. Am I even supposed to be writing as though I am writing TO anyone? Or for someone to actually read? I guess I've only really read Fadra's entries before, and I'm not sure ...

And so - that's the end. Five minutes of writing in the raw for today's post. Hope you enjoyed!


  1. I'm starting to think I must be a slow writer because my 5 minute post looks so short compared to yours!

    I'm glad you linked up and don't worry - the button problem is all mine, my friend. WIll have it fixed next week, hopefully.

    And good luck with that last sickness of 2011 thing ;0

  2. Wow you write very well for 5 minutes! Yes I try to keep some things private also (off the net).
    ps no not boring

  3. I don't use my kids' names in my blog either.

    I can't even imagine what would spew forth if I just let myself ramble for 5 minutes. You did great!

  4. I don't see this so much as stream of consciousness. But maybe that's just me? (and seriously, what do I know?!?!)

    When I think of stream of consciousness, I think literally of a stream, a flowing path of thoughts that are connected or slightly disconnected---but more sensory stuff, imagery, subconscious stuff. Memories, tidbits that are triggered by stimuli around you...James Joyce comes to mind. And no proper/regular punctuation. Like a free write.

    Does this make any sense? Probably not. HAHAHAHHAHHAA. I crack myself up.

  5. We called my boys by the nicknames I use on my blog for a long time before my blog, so I don't usually forget.

  6. Very fun -- you are braver than I. I may have to try this out -- though I may write it out and then preview it before posting. I guess that's cheating but alas!

    Thanks again for all your love these past days. I feel very blessed to have you as a friend.

    Lots of love,

    P.S. I hope you are feeling better!


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