Friday, January 21, 2011

A spot of dialogue ...

"It's impossible."

"What do you mean? Nothing's impossible."

"This is. It really is."

"There has to be a way."

"No. No. I don't think so."

"I'm sure of it."

"I'm glad you are. I'm so totally not."

"Try it on."

"Why bother?"

"Just try it ON."

I sighed. She was such a determined bitch, my best friend.

"Whatever. It's not going to fit."

"Just shut up and try it on, would you?"

I slid behind the dressing room curtain. Slipped out of my sweats and slipped the dress over my head.

"Sonofa ..."

"It fits, doesn't it?"

"Shut up."

She tugged at the curtain and I pulled it back, across my body.

"Let me in."

"Shut up and go away."

"Let me in, or I'm coming in anyway."

I let go of the curtain.

"It fits,"
I whispered softly.

"You look beautiful."

I looked up at her, the both of us crying now.

"I can't believe it."

"I told you it would."

"I can't believe it."

The tears flowed freely between us.

"Stop it before you ruin the dress."

"Get out of here."


"I love you."

"I love you, too."

"Now get out."



"Back atcha."

She slipped out to the other side of the curtain. I stood there for a minute, maybe more. Looking in the mirror. The dress fit. I really did look beautiful. I couldn't believe it.

Slowly I realized I had been holding my breath. I smiled at my reflection and let it go.

This piece has been a part of today's writing prompt at the red dress club. Feel free to link up by clicking below:


  1. Nice job, I can totally see it in my mind :-)

  2. I like that it literally could have gone anywhere, and that it unfolded so neatly.

    And I do love the moment when the dress fits.

  3. You captured that moment so well. Dressing rooms scare the shit out of me ;)

  4. Great work! I could her standing there in front of the mirror...dreaming!...:)JP

  5. You did a great job of conveying a lot of emotion in so few words, emotions for her friend, about her self, her body and lord knows there is always so much emotion in the dressing room.

  6. Great job, Andrea! It was spot on. I could've just as easily been doing that with one of my friends...very real, very easy to see in my head. So happy you joined in and linked up!

  7. Awesome. Love the girlie stories. Girl friends are the best!

  8. This was so sweet! I love that they celebrated that moment - but then kept it reals!

  9. You did a great job on keeping it down to earth, without too many nonverbals. I enjoyed the read, and I'm glad the dress fit.

    The only thing missing is a picture. ;)

    Stopping in from The Red Dress Club.

    (My Write Side is my writing blog).

  10. This sounds just like a conversation I would have with a friend. And I love the moment when you find out that whatever it is fits perfectly.

  11. YAY! I love your friend! She's funny!

  12. Loved this! Reminded me of my bestie and I =)
    I just linked up on Red Dress this weekend! Love your blog!


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