Thursday, January 20, 2011

Lazy Mom Shares a Spoon: Quickies!

I made this the other night and have eaten it for dinner and then a few breakfasts since. It is SO good. And I am so excited, because it's from Aarti Party!

2 c water
2 c almond milk (I used Vanilla Soy)
1 can pumpkin
2 c quick cooking oatmeal
3/4 tsp pumpkin pie spice (I doubled this as I didn't use any natural seasoning/spices and added a splash or two of cinnamon)
raisins (she calls for a minimal amount, but I used two snack sized boxes)
splash of salt

- mix water, milk and pumpkin to a boil. Add salt and pumpkin pie spice.
- Once boiling add oatmeal and stir gently. Lower heat.
- There was no brown sugar in her recipe, but I always like to add a small handful to oatmeal, so I did that, too.
- Cook for as long as your oatmeal requires, it was about 15 minutes for me, give or take. I also added in slivered almonds.

OMG, it is SO good. Seriously. I made this in a huge pot and definitely had at least 3 more servings left after we'd probably eaten about 3-4 svgs, so it's something that could last you through the week, if you're up for it. I may have to make this weekly, or every other week, so I don't get tired of it. Yum.

This recipe is linked up with the quick meals over at Share a Spoon today, so head on over and check it out at Think Tank Momma's house.

Think Tank Momma


  1. OMG! I saw Aarti make this. I don't eat oatmeal, not cooked traditionally anyway. I'm a grits girl from the South. However, when she made this I kept saying "mmm...that's sounds so good." I asked BDC if he would enjoy it and he said absolutely. He's not a Southern boy and he hates grits.

    Anyway...long story long, I am so making this now. I think the boys will eat it and Aarti said she makes this to last through the week for breakfasts as well.

    Healthy and quick? Warm breakfast for the boys? Veggies to boot! WIN! WIN! WIN!

    Thanks for Sharing!

  2. I make a version of this all the time's sooooo good!! I skip the raisins however. The one with POMS is pretty good, but I like it without better. I like to add walnuts too. I'm down to one can of pumpkin...time to stock up!

  3. SOunds perfect for our cold snowy days! Can't wait to try it! And I think I have everything on had already! SCORE!!!!!!!

  4. I'm copying and pasting this one. Love pumpkin flavored everything!

  5. As soon as I read pumpkin, I was in!

  6. wow - this sounds delish! Wonder if it'd work with regular milk as I'm allergic to almonds.

    Been meaning to tell you that I love the new look!

  7. I love pumpkin! I'll have to try this.


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