Monday, December 27, 2010

Where am I?

I totally thought about this last night and said to myself ... Self, you must remind everyone where you are posting tomorrow.

And then I fell asleep.

Not really, then I putzed around on the iPad. And lest I keep rambling and TOTALLY forget the point of this post, you can find me over at my friend's house today ... so head on over to Single Mom in the South and give her a HUGE hello! And tell her I sent you, if you'd like. She's a sweetheart who is out of town for the holidays. And to ensure that her blog is hoppin' I volunteered to talk traditions. Go on over, you won't regret it!

And in the meantime I'll sit here, cozy and warm, trying to convince my daughter to watch the rest of Toy Story 2 instead of head outside, because -- well -- I DO want to play out there, I'm just so not ready to get all wet and cold. YET.

Ehem ... I see you, dilly-dallying ... GO NOW!


  1. I love the's just difficult with a rowdy 2 y/o! We don't do the black-eyed pea thing here either, but my parents do! ugghh!

  2. You have an iPad?! I am jealous! But I'll still go over there and say hello ;)

  3. What a beautiful snowy shot.

    And, I am jealous of your iPad, too!

  4. heading over in a sec----my girls LOVE the Toy Story movies and are obsessed with Jessie!


  5. I can't believe the snow we got huh? And I can't believe you have an iPad. Haha. Fun!

  6. Thanks Girlie!

    Home safely with a sick kid to boot! We are ending the year with a bang- quite literally!


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