Thursday, October 28, 2010

A Letter to My Daughter ... I wish

My dear, sweet, little one,

I woke up this morning to the sound of your voice calling me. Mommy! So different from years before. I celebrated many a birthday before you, and hope to celebrate many more with you in my world. And yet, how things have changed.
On my own special day I find myself wishing for so much for you in your own future.

I wish that you should never suffer from loneliness, but that you should learn to enjoy being alone.

I wish that you should never suffer from heartache, heartbreak, but that you should always risk being loved and loving others just the same.

I wish you strength that never ends, but an ability to tear down any of the walls you, yourself, set up.

I wish for you an open heart and mind, so you'll learn, respect and grow through the changes in your life, but an intensity that sticks to your own beliefs and succumbs to no one.

I wish for you the insight and understanding that will get you through the rough days, and I have hopes that you don't have too many.

I wish for you the mindset to always remember that even when you feel left out, alone or sad that there are people out there who love and cherish you, and that you can walk away when you're standing beside someone who does not.

I wish for you so much more than these words can express, and I hope that when I hold you tightly that you can feel them coming from within.

I love you. I love you with my whole heart. I wish for you to know that now and always.

Love, Mommy

p.s. I will promise to forgive you for just saying to me: 'When you get a little older I'll get you a cake and sing you a birthday song. When you're bigger.' And for not letting me sing along with Moose A. Moose, who happened to be singing directly to ME. I love you. **Mom


  1. What a sweet wish letter! I love the picture of you two and your cheeser grins!!

  2. Aw, what a sweet letter. Happy Bday!

  3. Happy Birthday! Your Little Miss is lucky to have such a wonderful Mamma!

  4. What a sweet post!

    Agent P!!! Perry, Perry the Platypus. Wait, is that how you spell that? LOL

  5. What a lucky girl to have such kindness and love in her life.

  6. Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my post, "Trick-or-Treating-When is your child ready?"
    What a fun event you were able to attend! We were luck enough to be able to go to a performance of "Thriller" last year. My daughter was six months old and didn't like the crowd and all the dressed up people, so it was more fo Mommy and Daddy.

    BTW, I am following your blog!

    Have a great night!

  7. Happy belated birthday!

    I love the letters your write your daughter. I'm sure she will always treasure them.


  8. This is such a beautiful letter! I hope that you keep these tucked away for her!
    PS. The picture of you two is cute!

  9. That's so lovely. I wish this for my kids, too.

  10. Such a lovely letter! I think you expressed the feelings of most moms for their lovely daughters. Thank you for sharing this, it was the best post I read today!

  11. Maybe it's because my son is three ut I find myself staring at him all the time and trying to make him understand everything he needs to know about the world and about himself. And then I remember. He's 3. But oh the feelings are so strong, aren't they? Happy Belated Birthday!!

  12. awwww! andrea, that was precious. happy birthday! and that photo is gorgeous of you two!

  13. I love it!

    Happy happy birthday
    to you!
    to you!

    the sprout song will forever be in my head.


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