Monday, September 6, 2010

It's the little things ...

That make me laugh, that make my entire day ...

For example, today my daughter was fascinated by the shredder. As in what you use to destroy age old credit card statements. As she was working her way into sleep mode this late fine night she started talking about me liking my name on the paper. On the envelopes. I taught her to say shredder.

Ssh. Red. Er. = Shredder <-- Just listening to her stop, almost hearing her think, and then saying it correctly was, well, pretty awesome.

The better of the two stories for today follows now, though. This morning while eating breakfast my husband and I were discussing *the itchies* ... see, the child CANNOT fall asleep at night. So last night she told me she had itchies. There's more on that later, but what was the best laugh I've had in ages was when he tried talking to me in code, and then said that it was probably because we moved the Queen sized bed (yes, I did say Queen) into her room and maybe the sheet wasn't clean enough. I'll give him that. But then he said something like, 'She probably isn't used to the detergent.' What? 'You know, she's used to her stuff.'

BWAHAHAHAHAHA! You really think I still wash her clothes separately? [Remember, readers, she's going to be FOUR in February.] 'Well, you USED to.' Aha. And that was for about 6 months of her life.

Seriously. What I wanted to say was, when was the last time you picked up a bottle of DREFT for this house, anyway? OMG! Tears. Happy, laughing tears!

I'll tell more about the fun I had as super mommy - taking the itchies away last night, but for now, it's nearly midnight and I truly need to get to sleep. We did a TON of work on the upstairs yesterday and today, and although hubby has suggested I hit the showers before bed to soothe my muscles, I'm figuring he's passed out already and won't smell my stinky self and I'll pop a few Advil instead, with hopes that it gets me through the night and I can take a shower in the morning.

So, sweet dreams, dear Bloggy friends. Or good morning to ya, depending on when you read this. And I'm off to la-la-land!


  1. hahaha!

    Makes me think about how my husband claims to never know anything around here. Like he doesnt know where the kids clothes go in their dressers, he doesnt know their bedtime, he cant remember who likes what, drives me crazy!

  2. They really are clueless on what we do! My ex still can't remember the kids' birthdays!

  3. He thinks you still use Dreft? That's a good one!

  4. Yes, well, least he knows what detergent is??


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