Saturday, July 24, 2010

Guest Post: When the Crackberry Cracks

Hello to Andrea's readers here at Good Girl Gone Redneck! My name is That One Mom and our pal Andrea asked me to pinch hit while she's away re-New Yorkering herself.

We've all heard the jokes about people being addicted to their Blackberries. It sounds silly, doesn't it? A person being addicted to their phone? For realz?

Well, I am here to tell you, it happens. You see, I have been a Blackberry user since sometime in 2007. How I remember learning to use my first ever berry - a Blackberry Curve. I remember it being all shiny and new. The little track ball in the center was like nothing I'd ever used. And I could surf the internet! Even before my blogging days, the ability to use the web whenever I wanted was so very appealing to me. I. Was. In. Love.

My love for my berry grew as I learned more about the ins and outs of it. Then the time came. I received word from Verizon that I had been a proud berry owner for 2 years. It was time for an upgrade. So, with a heavy heart, I took myself down to the Verizon phone and selected a new berry. So, on a fine July afternoon in 2009, I became the proud owner of a Blackberry Storm. While I LOVED my Curve, the Storm had a killer touch screen, all kinds of options, and an application center!!! It. Was. So. Cool.

In the fall of 2009, I discovered blogging. I set up residence at Only Parent Chronicles and began to make my way in Blognia. I developed many bloggy friendships along the way (Andrea included!) and met a group of bloggers who loved their berries as much as I did. Thus began The Bishes. The Bishes and I chatted all day, everyday. We've been through thick and thin and have always been there to support one another. Over time, some bishes went away, some new bishes joined, but the friendships kept growing stronger.

One day, a bish lost her phone. My heart broke for her. It would be days before she could join us. I had no idea how she would endure. Then it happened to another bish, and another. It was heartbreaking. Each time, the bish would get a new phone, get linked back up to chat, and tell her tales of withdrawl. I had no idea how they survived. Then, one day, IT HAPPENED TO ME!

It was a Sunday. I had spent the day geocaching with my clan. We had seven finds in for the day and decided to go have dinner. A few weeks prior, I had downloaded a free trial of a geocaching application. It was expired and after spending the day using an application on The Man's phone, I resolved to buy the application for mine. To do this, I needed to uninstall the trial. So, I went through the uninstall process and turned of my phone to reboot. It never came back up. It died. I was lost. No bishes. No email. No internet. NO CONTACT LIST! NOTHING! And to top it all off, all of the Verizon stores were closed for the day!!!

I was frantic! Quickly, I took The Man's phone and reached out on Twitter! I had to let the bishes now I was down! What was I going to do!?!?!

Then, I remembered! Miss Lucinda had my Curve! My beloved first berry ever! I had let Miss Lucinda have it when I got my Storm! She had since gotten a Storm and was ready to return my Curve! I HAD TO GET MY CURVE! So, I had The Man drive me 35 minutes to St. Paul so I could retrieve it. I still had no bishes and no contact list, but I had a berry. I had internet. I had email.

While I am still trying to pick up all of the pieces that remain of my shattered berry life, I am happy to say The Bishes and I have reconnected. There are still many telephone numbers I haven't recovered, including my parents and siblings. Sadly, at this point, all I can do is wait for them to call and tell them my sad, sad tale.

What you hear of Blackberry addictions is true. I once scoffed at the idea, but now I know. The prospect of going even a few hours without my berry was one of the most critical I have ever endured. While the berry brings me so much joy each day, my reliance on it has brought me to an almost panicked state. I now know that having a back up berry at all times is crucial to my survival.

** A special thanks to That One Mom for writing something to share with my bloggy-peeps for this weekend. While I don't have a Berry, I can completely understand the addictive behaviors she is describing. My addiction is my backflip. I am rarely without it and the purty pink case she lives in. Scoff if you will, but get yourself a smartphone of any nature and WE will have the last laugh! **


  1. I'm so impressed you've been blackberrying for so long. I'm still in the dark ages, heck, I'm pleased to finally have a laptop with a MIFI card ;-)

  2. I have an Ally now and I miss my berry. I have gone back for it because I left it at home. I wouldn't go back for my lunch but my berry, no way. I love having a smart phone and feel detached from the world with out it so I can totally relate to this one.

  3. I feel the same way about my iPhone. I really, really do. I don't remember life before it.

  4. Years ago, I would make fun of the Crackberries... but now I'm addicted to my iPhone so I'm now eating my words!

    Mel from

  5. Man oh man! I was one of those Bishes that had to go without....and TWICE within like TWO weeks. It was terrible! Awful...horrible....

    I FEEL YOUR PAIN. And I really dont' think a body can understand unless they've been through it.

    Great post TOM!

  6. I clearly have a crap phone because if it cracked or crapped or croaked, I'd be delighted!

  7. I can't lie - I want one too! ..esp for the internet!

    clothed much, a modest fashion blog


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