Monday, July 26, 2010

Guest Post: Katie from Sluiter Nation

Just a warning: this is the post where I get up and brag about my husband. Just so you know.

I lived on my own after graduation from high school for almost four years. I had my housekeeping routines down pretty pat. I did everything myself so I knew it was done, well, right.

When Cort and I got married, we moved in with each other, of course, and I sort of continued the role of housekeeping while he kept our vehicles running and our lawn mowed. It was a happy existence.

We both worked fulltime and on the weekends you could find him outside grooming his yard, and I would be inside listening to some sort of pop music from the 80’s (um, Madonna? Your early work is wonderful vacuuming music. Thank you.). In the summers, when school was out, I would usually do my “housework” all through the week. It worked for us.

Then came baby in the baby carriage. And then Cort was laid off. And then I worked two jobs to help make ends meet. And then I had PPD meltdowns.

And then? I had a househusband.

What is a “househusband,” you ask? Oh it is only the most wonderful invention EVER!

It all started when Cort was laid off. He started doing a few more of the chores/errands. He did the pharmacy pickups, the groceries, any Target trips. If I made him a To Do list, usually he did everything on it.

The list started to grow when I picked up a second job. I wasn’t home much, but because we were still using daycare twice a week, Cort would use one day to do homework (he is going back to school) and handle job searching/interviewing/etc, and the other “free” day to do household stuff like clean the house, laundry, iron (which he has always done, to his credit. I do NOT iron), groceries, and other things that I thought up in the middle of the night.

My husband came through in every way possible. My PPD reared its ugly head in a way I finally couldn’t shove down and control shortly after I started my second job. My husband did it all. In an effort to keep my anxiety down, he ran our household. And referred to me as his Sugar Mama…which made me giggle. Another great thing about him? He makes me giggle.

All the stereotypes about husbands not knowing how to do housework? None of those apply to mine.

  • He can run a vacuum. And he moves the furniture when he does it.
  • He can get stuff that I thought was just now part of our bathtub…to leave.
  • He cleans a bathroom with no complaints.
  • He changes sheets much more frequently and more neatly than I do.
  • He empties all trashes—including the diaper champ and litter box can—in a timely manner.
  • He can do laundry as long as I sort. He has a nice cheat sheet he created taped to the dryer for how to do each load.
  • He folds and puts away more neatly than I do.
  • He irons
  • He does the dishes…not just runs the dishwasher.
  • He cooks.
  • He organizes cupboards so they can be used more efficiently.
  • He gets groceries. He likes me to be specific on the list, but he bought a little clipboard and coupon organizer and he works that store.
  • He runs all the mundane errands: pharmacy, dry cleaning, butcher, etc.
  • He manages naps and feeding schedules. He is usually the one who announces when Eddie needs to go up a diaper size.
  • He does fun things with Eddie so they are not bored in doors all day.
  • He STILL does all the lawn stuff and vehicle stuff

So what does he NOT do, you may be asking?

He does not dust. Ever. He hates it.

Other than that, I think I have it made, wouldn’t you agree? During the summer we have learned to share most of these responsibilities again. But it’s nice to know if I were to get sick or when I go back to work in the fall, he will be right there to help with everything!

Oh wait…did I mention he also picks up starbucks for us from time to time?

Ok…brag complete.

What is awesome about your significant other? Won’t you please share?

** You can find Katie over at Sluiter Nation and over at Katie's Bookcase. We love her even though her husband is so awesome and she just had to rub it in. So, ladies, go and show your hubbies this post. Gentlemen, check it out. Unite and show us your amazing strength. Or whatever ... don't. It's cool. We get it. Totally. Oh, your laundry? Did you need a clean shirt for work today? Yeah. Uhm. Good luck with that.


  1. What a guy!! My hubs does things when I leave lists but never all of that! :)

  2. Holy cow girl... how did you get that lucky? It's like you've won the lottery.

  3. You found yourself a good one, girl! My husband used to cook professionally, so he helps me a ton in the kitchen. And can scrub a pot clean like no other!!

  4. Nice! I also do NOT iron. I *hate* ironing. Perhaps this is why I don't let my husband do things...he'd probably do them so much better than I do & I'd be all offended...LoL

  5. Neither one of us irons around these parts. But the sheets ... if he didn't insist we change them every Sunday, I wouldn't be able to keep track of when they were changed. Gross, I know.


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