Thursday, June 17, 2010

Writer's Workshop: It Happened At Work

I guess you could say that my first job was my -- ehem -- meet market.

It was that kind of place. Loads of people out of college, quite the Melrose Place feel to it. A little incestuous, ultimately, but it was where many an employee met their future spouse. Including me! (I was there for NINE years, I deserved to get something out of the place, right?)

But the road to my hubby wasn't necessarily easy. I wasted some time along the way, and then spent many an awkward moment at the office. I will clarify that I also picked up some of my closest friends, EVER, from this job, so there isn't much to complain about.

There was K, the slacker employee who I used to "hang out with" upstairs, when he took smoke breaks in the cafeteria. Yes, smoking inside was ALLOWED in a certain section upstairs. Crazy to even think that was possible, and that I was stupid enough to go upstairs with him to shoot the shit. But I did. I was young and stupid. And had a ridiculous crush. An attraction. Nothing became of it, and years after he left the company I swore I saw him riding his bike in Manhattan, as a messenger, perhaps. I'll never forget his bizarre and creepy apartment off of Avenue A, though. Just at the tip of Alphabet City, kind of. Now, now, don't judge. We slept beside each other after a night out. That's all.

Then there was G. Ah, G. A waste of time, yes, but I had a mild attraction, so why not? He had no personality, but was cute and kind of sweet. I'm trying to remember, I *think* he picked me up at my parents' house one time, ages ago. Before I moved into the city. We certainly had our share of nights out, odd connections, and an episode of
hooking up against a pinball machine. (Have I said too much?) He ultimately tried to dump me, not that we were actually dating, for the girl at the office who started the exact day that I did and wore super short skirts that she made. I had the last laugh, though, don't worry. A few years later I became his boss!

Through these years I spent a lot of time connecting with M. M was the hugest flirt. When I first met him, he was engaged. That didn't last. It didn't surprise me, once I got to know him. M absolutely HATED K. Interesting, no? I never told him of my history there, but that wasn't a problem. M had probably been with half the girls at the office. If not more. But not me. I wasn't going to just be that hook up. Nuh-Uh. And you know what? I wasn't. We dated for a year. Broke up for a few months, and got back together. Broke up again for real after a 3-month run. That first break up was the worst. It was awful. It was my only real break up experience. Yes, I know, I was in my late 20s. But I didn't really "date" before then.

While M and I were dating he was assigned a new hire. Some kid from Maine, recently relocated, who was getting an office, no less! I just had a cubicle, and I was a supervisor. Or I was almost one. It's hard to remember the exact time-line. Anyway, this kid often says that the day he met me he said, Man, she's cute. But then he found out she (that's me!) was the boss' girlfriend. And let's not forget the fact that HIS own girlfriend was moving down to NY from Maine with him. Oh, yeah, her.

This kid supported me through my ultimate break-up, and slowly found himself connecting with me. He and his girlfriend broke up (I'm a homewrecker, what can I say? They were meant to be over long before then, I promise. Plus, I didn't initiate, I RAN. Like a bat outta hell!) I freaked OUT. We shared one kiss. I freaked out. I said I wasn't ready. He became a little too intense. I told my friend (remember, the amazing ones I met at this job? One of them. Which reminds me, I should really call him.) that there was no way in hell I was going down this road again with a "friend," someone from work. What the he!!? AND his boss was my ex. NO WAY. 
Eleven years, 1 dog, 6 cats and 1 child later, we're married for 8 years and have left NY to live in NC. Together the whole damned time. Minus a few months where he lived here in NC before me and came home every or every other weekend.

So, thanks to my old job. I was there 9 years until I obtained my MSW and moved on. It was a great experience, and brought me to the life I live today. Interesting, no? I mean, it DID happen at work, right?

**This post is a part of Mama Kat's Writer's Workshop this week.**


  1. Oh to be young and reckless. Love this post.

    Stopping by from Mama Kat's.

  2. I am glad that you got something lasting out of the job!

    Stoppin' by from Mama Kat's!

  3. So funny- all the intraoffice dating!

    Glad you found the right one, though!

  4. It sounds like a some kind of sitcom (or dramedy) the way you describe it. I worked only one place where I would have even CONSIDERED dating anyone ... and by that point, it wasn't even an option. Like you said, at least you got something good out of the job!

  5. I know that it sounds trite but I absolutely believe that everything that we go through shapes us into the people we are supposed to be -- so, thank goodness for your meat market that ended up giving your "home". I hope you are sharing a happy father's day!


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