Sunday, May 9, 2010

Chick-fil-A for breakfast ... or Happy Mother's Day!

Chick-fil-A on a Sunday - you ask? Why, yes, lucky me!

I planned ahead yesterday. We went to the mall food court for dinner, and daughter ate almost all of my nuggets, so I picked up another batch. And - tah dah! Mother's Day breakfast. Not quite "in bed," but I'll take it.

So yesterday we had quite a busy day. We grabbed breakfast out at Sunny's Diner (the eatery formerly known as Huddle House) and they gave me a delicious grilled cheese with tomato sandwich that made me want to cry with joy. Sound ridiculous? Sure. But I probably haven't had one like this (read = diner-style) in four years.

Then we went strawberry picking at Page Farms. This was my first time EVER, and although hubby apparently has traumatic memories of working in the strawberry fields growing up, he enjoyed it, as well. Then we went to the Museum of Life and Science in Durham. We decided to purchase a family membership this time, as at 3-yo the child is now able to truly enjoy the experience, so we plan to use it frequently throughout the coming year.

It was a long and exhausting day that was a lot of fun. After (well, during, as the wee one was napping) a nice JEEP ride, we hit SHEETZ so I could try out their new frozen iced chai fancy-schmancy drink. Yum.

Then we were going to go to The Cheesecake Factory for dinner, but I told hubby it'd be too crazy, and he called and they said it was a 75 minute wait. ACK! So we hit the food court (Chick-fil-A = yummy) and I even got to stop at LUSH for some treats for me.

Have you never been to a LUSH store? The first time I went was a lifetime ago when I was in London with my ex-boyfriend. Why I'm adding that to the story, no idea, just figured I'd tell it like it was. Anyway, they essentially have a salad bar of bath and body products available, and it's delightful, delicious and so-o-o-o yum. I bought some bath bombs, and they're the first to make them, so consider any other brands imposters, OK? And they were kind enough to give me some shampoo/conditioner samples, and a free slice of soap. Yes, slice. Lemony goodness. Ah, yum.
OK, I just looked up the name of the soap, and it's called Sexy Peel! How cool is that?

After a nice hot shower this morning my hair looks and feels so soft. I used the Curly Wurly shampoo, which is apparently great for even non-curly hair. And I got to shower alone, although our oldest cat did break into the bathroom, as he tends to do. Had some time to dry my hair while reading a book I received for review (read = free = Yay!) and now I'm posting after finishing my Chick-fil-A for breakfast. What more can one ask for on Mother's Day weekend?

Wishing you and all the women in your life a Happy Mother's Day. Because whether you're momma to a child or a pet, trying to be a mom, or just hoping you'll be called one someday, you deserve a beautiful day. Consider it my Chick-fil-A breakfast on a Sunday wish for all of you!


  1. I love your day, love, love, love it! A grilled cheese sandwich is heaven to me, feel good food!!! Then fresh strawberries from the patch! Oh that was great!

    Happy Mother's Day, Andrea!

  2. You are a creative genius and a wonderful mom, may you have many more grilled cheeses in future! Love and Miss you!! :)

  3. That sounds like an amazing Mother's Day! We have a lot in common--love of Chick-Fil-A, relocation from NYC to the south, love for sweet tea...
    Thanks for visiting my blog! I"m going to add you to my google reader so I can read all your posts! Good meeting you!
    Jen L. @ Hey, Y'all

  4. I was wondering how you managed to get CFA on a Sunday. Most of the time I don't think about CFA then Sunday hits and I want a chicken biscuit!
    Glad you had a happy Mother's Day weekend.

  5. I have yet to find anything more addictive than those little chicken mini breakfast sandwiches at chick fil a. Yum.

    Love you blog title btw!


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