Thursday, March 11, 2010

Shoot Me - Week 3 of 52!

Forever In Blue Jeans

OK, so I'm a mega-slacker, and I'm not doing 52 straight weeks, but ideally I'll get 52 shots of me over the course of however long and be happy to have done it. And most especially happy to post today.

Because I have some exciting news as I post my Shoot Me post this week, following Forever in Blue Jeans!

I chopped off my hair yesterday!!! SERIOUSLY chopped! I love the fresh new 'do. It makes me happy and makes my head feel so much lighter. Which, considering she chopped off four ponytails, two were 13" and two were 15" ... is not surprising!

And for reference, these two shots are from about a month ago, when I was planning to go in and chop it all off, but couldn't get in to see the person I wanted and trusted!

And now SO much happier!

I look like a totally different person. It's crazy!


  1. Nice pics! Spring time is always a great time to get a haircut IMO - it just feels so fresh! Your hair looks great - enjoy your new 'do! :)

  2. Great pictures of you and your daughter!

    I can't wait to get my haircut....another month until I can get in! Your new "do" looks great!

  3. Love, love, love the hair! I know exactly what you mean about waiting for "your" person. My person was out so much with family crises that I waited 15 months between haircuts! So, you're not alone!

  4. Very cute hair! You're daughter looks so sweet :)

  5. Wow, what a change!! It looks great!

  6. What wonderful pictures,I really like the sepia tone of them. You both are so pretty. I bet the cut feels so fresh and light, it looks wonderful. Did you donate to Locks of Love then? I've done it twice and always feel good about doing it. Might be time again soon.

  7. I love your new haircut! It suits you so well! Enjoy it! xo

  8. I chopped off my pony tail being on the summer. Only mine was no were near as long as yours.

    You do look much different. Love the new look! Glad you are liking it too.

  9. I have done the very same thing with my hair years ago... and I never regretted it one bit!

    I love the pics, you have such a wonderful smile!
    And your little one, well... that goes without saying ;)

    Glad you are enjoying your "new look".

  10. Oh My Gosh! I missed this yesterday! You look fabulous! I'm so glad you made it to the salon to get it done. Wow!

  11. YOU GO, GIRL!
    Cutting off all that hair had to be so liberating.

    I used to hide behind my hair. It was too much. And it took forever to wash and dry (not to mention how much I was spending on shampoo, LOL!). So now it mostly stays shoulder length. Your cut came out so cute--I'm glad you did it and that you love it!

  12. Love your shorter 'do! Nice look. :)

  13. Love it! What a nice start to Spring, beautiful (but I also thought you looked beautiful with long hair).


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