Saturday, February 27, 2010

And so it goes ...

Just when you think your child is approaching sleep she opens her bedroom door and calls out, "Daddy!?!"

Boogers! It was literally just as I started to write this. I was thinking to myself how it might be nice to have a calm night. She's totally testing me these days, not necessarily any more than usual, and yet, just a little bit. And that's because she's turned into a Daddy's girl. Seriously stuck like glue to him. Which, honestly, after being with her nearly every full day for the past three years, I can deal with for a change. But at the same time, when it turns into her fighting with me because -- for example -- at the circus today, I would not let her open a bottle of water by herself because she was holding a large plastic cup with popcorn and I really didn't want either the water or the popcorn to fly onto the family in front of us -- she'd rather have Daddy, well, that ain't no picnic.

And so it goes. I listen to her through the monitor, and scream up to her, 'Close your door!' and 'Go to bed!' and she does not. Although I'm hopeful at some point she will. Right now she's screaming down asking, 'You ready, Mommy?' although I'm not sure what on earth I'm supposed to be ready for!

The circus was fun, overall, and she did pretty well, minus that one mini-meltdown, so we survived. Which is a nice thing. I'll share some pics this week when I finally get them loaded. I'm too lazy to get the camera out right now, as hubby is boiling water I should probably tend to, and it's a matter of moments before her door opens again! Oh, the joys of parenthood!


  1. Hope you get a peaceful night soon! I'm hoping for mine tonight. My husband is out of town, so I'm hoping they drift right to sleep and I can have some time to myself. :) Here's to wishful thinking!!!! :)

  2. Could it be left over terrible 2's that she didn't use up? :)

    Hope you get some quiet time soon :)

  3. She sounds adorable! Trying sometimes, but adorable! A daddy's girl? They all are!


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