Thursday, December 24, 2009

Well, lookie at that!

I'm so used to begging for my followers to round me up to the *10s* that I am in shock when my peeps follow me without my asking. Thanks, friends, you helped me to hit 80, so that's two new followers in the last two days. Hooray! Smooches to you, and you know who you are.

Anyway, just logging in to wish you all a Merry Christmas Eve (how's that work, anyway?) We're home, at the in-laws, for Christmas Eve. We had family over today for lunch, 'twas interesting, anyone ever try a muffaletta sandwich? Me, neither. I don't eat many of the various ingredients, so let's just say my personal lunch was an ... uhm, interesting one. And I'll be OK if I never see another black olive.

That's the word of the day, I suppose.
Or perhaps the holiday, since tomorrow's meal should be somewhat interesting, as well. You know, I forgot I have a bag of potato latkes in the fridge. Let me use this post to remind myself of that for tomorrow.

My wee one did not do well with lunch, either. She spent most of the time wanting cheese and crackers, but the cheese did not fare very well as our dog (YES, OUR DOG) snagged it off of the kitchen table and literally chomped down on a hunk of cheese. Ew. I'm assuming he is going to have some constipation issues (TMI? Perhaps. I truly love my dog) later tonight/tomorrow.

Right now I'm on hubby's work laptop at the kitchen table as he tries to make Oreo Balls. Save the punnies for another time, they're not schweaty, I promise. I'm just glad *I* don't have to make them. Let's just say they consist of Oreo cookies, cream cheese and baker's chocolate for dipping. My stomach is already ill prepared. I ate too many pb balls to be ready for these, but I did skip the apple pie that was for dessert today. Rule at MY house is that dessert NEVER immediately follows a meal. Hubby's family, however, does something totally different, and dessert comes out before the plates are cleared. How do you do it with your family?

But I went on a tangent there, didn't I? Again, I have no images to share with you, so forgive me in advance for the longish ramble of a post. I'm too friggin lazy to start up my own laptop when this one is so much easier and lighter and even quicker!

And so, here I am, been ready for bed since about 5:00 tonight, but we're not just awaiting the arrival of the man in the big red suit (yesterday was a bust, man, let me not even BEGIN to try to tell you!) but we're also waiting for my brother-in-law and my nieces/nephew. I'm sure it'll be utter mayhem when they arrive within the hour. In the meantime, enjoy the meats and sweets and treats you and yours imbibe in to celebrate the joy that is the season, and I'll be back again tomorrow with more updates from the somewhat-Great-White-North!

Oh! And let me not forget to add I finished another book for my not-quite-100-book-challenge for 2009. Bitter is the New Black, by Jen Lancaster. Love her. LOVE. L-O-V-E. Not sure what number read this is, I'll have to go check and come back with an edit in a few ... if you're new to my blog, I'm working on hitting 50, so we'll see how that goes. And on that note ... I'll hit *publish* now! (p.s. This is #46. I'm terribly slacking of late. Review to come within the week.)


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