Saturday, December 19, 2009

Moms Rock The Economy: Jillybeans Jewels

So if you'll remember, I mentioned recently that I took the "Moms Rock The Economy" Pledge a short while ago. And since then I have been trying to make as many purchases as possible from fellow moms who have their own businesses.

I'd like to take a moment to review a business owner who has some really pretty jewelry out there. Her name is Donna, and she is the owner of Jillybeans Jewels.

I am admitting a little bias here as I know her on a personal level. But when I looked through her stash of stuff a few months ago, I fell in love with a bracelet that I absolutely had to have. I don't wear it nearly enough, because I tend to take things that are special to me like that and "save" them (don't we all?) and I also don't always have the right moment or occasion to really spruce up my every day - hum drum outfits of sweats and t-shirts. But I digress a bit there.

Anyway, I bought this beautiful bracelet from her, and just had to show it to you. Now, I know you'll want it, and maybe she can make you one that is similar (but not identical, come on, be unique, would ya?) but you can't have this one. It's mine.

Isn't it beautiful? I mean, it's perfect for my chunky wrist, since it wraps around and I don't have to worry about clasping it. Another plus for often-1-handed moms, no worrying about how to get the dang thing on by yourself!

Now, on top of this bracelet I fell in love with, I also bought a few extra holiday gifts from her (that I can't discuss just yet ...) and I wanted to share this special order I requested.

Basically, my mom purchased this beautiful bracelet to celebrate being cancer free (that's a whole story in and of itself, but in my pre-blogging days my mom suffered from and subsequently BEAT the HELL OUT OF head and neck cancer!)

It's truly precious, and all I did was send Donna the link to the website and the picture. I didn't even know where to begin. She came back at me with three different pairs of earrings to match this bracelet. Not one. Not two. Three. They were all really pretty, but I knew which one I liked the best pretty quickly, as it seemed to match up most perfectly with the bracelet.

So today, for the last day of Chanukah, my mom got these:

Aren't they pretty? And my mom really loves them, and was totally surprised. A perfect gift for my perfect momma.

Anyway, if you are looking to browse, or looking for a special jewelry order, for yourself, or for someone you love, check out her website,
Jillybeans Jewels, and then touch base with her. Feel free to tell her I sent you, or not, either way, just go on and check her out. Happy Shopping!


  1. very pretty things! I have big wrists & hands, so I tend to shy away from bracelets because I feel like they emphasize how big I am. Is that ridiculous? I love necklaces and earrings, though!

  2. Wow...the jewelry is beautiful!!! those would make great presents for any occasion!



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