Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Info On Blog, Bid, Hope

If you are a member of the blogosphere you have probably heard by now about Anissa Mayhew. Although I have never met her, and only rarely spoken with her, I want to pass along the word on how to help her family through this difficult time.

Anissa is the mommy blogger over at Hope4Peyton. She recently suffered a massive stroke which has her in a hospital bed. Her hubby has been blogging for us with updates, and the entire community that she has touched is reaching out to help.

I learned that several blogs throughout the community are hosting an auction today with the proceeds benefiting
The Liz Logelin Foundation and Anissa Mayhew. If you have not yet read the story of Matt Logelin, be prepared with a box of tissues, because there is more there than I could possibly sum up in one sentence.

And if you're interested in finding out what items are up for auction, and possibly placing a bid or two (or more, what the heck, right? It's for a great cause and you get something, too!) check out Mama Kat's site
to find out about all of the incredible items available.

And count your blessings this holiday season. I know I already am.

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