Sunday, December 27, 2009

Chinese food for dinner ...

Where do you think we are now?

It is interesting how the eating habits vary depending on where we are. First of all, my in-laws don't have any delivery or take-out in their area. Any type of outside food places are a decent twenty minutes away. At least. The picture shared here is from last Christmas at their house. That's the view that I refer to as their backyard, but hubby explains as the "front of the house," as it faces their pond. Said pond is frozen over in the image above, and was this past holiday, as well.
It's so beautiful and relaxing there. Except it's not quite as relaxing as it was before I became a mommy. 'Cause, man, the reading I used to get done was a lot more. It was also a lot quieter when I only had one young (read = baby) niece, and not two crazy nieces and a crazy nephew. I love these kids SO very much. They're too adorable, and even more so when they are with my daughter. Sadly we don't get to see them as often as we'd like. Having moved 500 miles farther South doesn't help us in our attempts, and being a family of 3 + dog makes it difficult. Dexter used to be the 2nd co-pilot, now he's got first rank as I sit in the back with our daughter. Amazing how he seems to do the rides better than I do. He even needs fewer pee breaks! Back to my nieces, my eldest was in tears when we were loading up the car. This, of course, broke me and I cried as we said our goodbyes. I mean this child was sobbing. It was terrible. I promised her we'd see her before NEXT Christmas. And this year we mean it!

Anyway, I was talking about food. Go figure. Food in NY = bagels, pizza and Chinese food at ilke 7pm. Just to name a few. Food in ME = roast beef for Christmas dinner (at 2 in the afternoon) and and a few bites of what is yet to be determined as either chicken or turkey pot pie. It was pretty good, but I keep saying I think it's turkey, and hubby said that MIL said it was chicken. So who truly knows? Dinner in Maine is at around 2pm. My real dinner ends up being soup (corn chowder or chicken rice) later in the evening. When I suddenly realize I'm starving. The options are dessert-filled, like pumpkin whoopie pies and 5-minute-fudge (with butterscotch, let's just say one piece was enough for me) and yet healthy, like carrots and dip and cheese and crackers. Did I mention that our dog took off with a hunk of some sort of cheese? Amazing he hasn't had gastro-issues because of it. Not that we know of, anyway.

And so, we're back in NY at my parents' house. My brother/SIL/niece will be over later and we'll exchange germs, again, and enjoy some Chinese food. And hopefully I'll be able to pick up a dozen or so bagels in the morning to bring back to NC with me. FOR me. And it'll be great to be home again. And then we'll realize we truly do need a vacation.

'Tis the season and Tra La La La La.

What's on your plate for New Years?


  1. New Years for us is a Basketball game, desert out and watching the ball drop with our kids. We are the party animals of the year!

  2. I love Chinese food. Could really go for some right now but we're trying to get back on the healthy bandwagon. Chicken, green beans, and boring salad tonight. Wretch.

  3. p.s. pick me up some everything bagels, will you? please and thank you.


  4. This is TOTALLY how I felt when I was at my mom's house over Thanksgiving. It took us an hour to find someone who would deliver and then another hour to get the pie. Ack!

    I didn't want to be all like "in Philadelphia we have pizza on every corner", but I felt that way.

    But seriously, there are two pizza joints on my block.


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