Sunday, October 11, 2009

What am I doing up?

It is 12:51 AM. Yes, seriously. I'm posting at this ung-dly hour. Have I lost my mind, you ask? Well, not exactly.

Have you ever been just too lazy to get up and go upstairs to bed? That's kind of how I am feeling right now. We just watched loads of television. First Numb3rs, then two episodes of my new favorite crime scene drama, The Mentalist. And in between we caught some baseball (Congrats to the Dodgers!) and I made donuts again, with somewhat deflated biscuit dough, and yet, I still ate one. Which reminds me, I need to cover those up and put them away before bed.

Anyway, here I am. Sitting on the couch, a total slug. My head hurts, my eyes definitely ache, and I need to get up and go brush my teeth, get some water and go to sleep. Now is the time I wish I were a little kid again and my dad could carry me upstairs to my room. Gone are the days, but I can reminisce a bit anyway, right?

So, what time do you normally go to bed? Are you a night owl like me? Or one of those horrid morning people? Just kidding. I kind of married one of those, but he's actually both. Sort of. I'm the major night owl. Always do my best work after midnight. Which, I guess, is why I am here.

But I shan't tangent any longer. Is shan't even a word? My spellcheck isn't going off, and yet it's highlighting spellcheck. Hmmn. Deep thoughts. And off to bed I go! Sweet dreams!


  1. Oh Andrea I feel your pain...

    "...I wish I were a little kid again and my dad could carry me upstairs to my room." ~ I love that!! You're so cute :)
    I'm a total night owl as well. Sucks with a daughter who is up at the crack of dawn! LOL

    Hope you finally had a great sleep.

  2. I love those nights when I am too lazy to go up to bed and I just enjoy the peace and quiet of the room I am in. I do some good thinking/writing then too.

    Hope your head feels better!

  3. This is what my nights are like most times! We stay up too late, and usually it takes my husband telling me to go to bed to get me to do it. If he doesn't say anything, I'll just sit there till 2am!

  4. Found your blog after you commented on my "Southern Sayings" post at Deep South Moms. Can't wait to read more! Loved what you said about being "too lazy to go to bed". So counterintuitive, yet so accurate. Especially for us mommy bloggers...the middle of the night is the only time it seems that no one needs anything from us. I usually head to bed around 1 (and every time I do, I promise myself I will go to bed earlier the next night...and then somehow get a boost of energy around 11 p.m....vicious cycle!)


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