Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Shows that make me laugh

Although I am a huge fan of criminal dramas, and love my favorite soap and Ellen, but give me a half-hour comedy and I'm happy as a clam.

Here are a few that I absolutely love, adore and cannot live without:

The Office

*If you're not a fan, well, you're really missing out. This show is hilarious. And often quite painful. Michael Scott is such a disaster, it's amazing how his character even functions. Between him and Dwight, the show has been a mess since day one. Add Andy to that mix and you have a beautiful disaster. But most importantly, we have Jim and Pam. Star-crossed lovers for oh-so-long, but now, on the eve of their wedding day, they finally connect. I CANNOT wait for tomorrow's episode. I'm so excited!

How I Met Your Mother

*Honestly, at this point I don't even care how he met their mother! The rest of the story just totally rocks. My husband and I actually refer to the show as "Barney," referring to NPH's character. His relationship with Robin continues to blossom this season, and he is as ... wait for it ... awesome as ever. Marshall and Lily are adorably annoying and yet perfect at the same time, and Ted, well, Ted is Ted. He's the storyteller, the exaggerator, and he's Ted! Tune in, I promise you'll be glad you did!

Rules of Engagement

* Not yet on again for the season, but as far as I can tell, they were renewed by CBS. Which is fantastic news! The show is tongue-in-cheek kind of funny, almost has that Seinfeld feel to it, which might be because they spend a lot of time in a diner, but could also be because of *Putty/Puddy,* {I'm obviously so not sure how to spell that, and neither is anyone else on the Web!} He's so friggin hilarious I'd watch him in anything. And you know what? I actually do! See this MAC commercial and you will, too.

30 Rock

* Tina Fey? Love her. Alec Baldwin? Hilarious. Tracey Jordan? Annoying, but mostly in an appropriately funny sort of way. Jane Krakowski? Nobody better. Kenneth? Does he even
have a real name? Does anyone care? He's adorable. Too much. Did I mention how much I worship Tina Fey?

Gary Unmarried

*Jay Mohr made me so horribly sad when he left Ghost Whisperer to start this show. I swear I shed a small tear when he left. And now he has me crying every week. With laughter. He's hysterical. Add to his ridiculously laid back character a high-maintenance ex-wife, a straight-A daughter and a bit of a wimp for a son, plus his visiting military brother, and you've got a show made in heaven. Seriously. I avoided it at first, thought it would just be another failure. I hoped, at first. I mean, Melinda needs him, ya know? But she moved on, and so did I. I love Gary. He's a pi$$er and a half. Seriously. Watch this show. Watch it with your husband, your wife, even your ex. Because this show makes ANY relationship look fun!

So, that's my sit-com wrap-up for late 2009. Hope you find at least one new piece of info in my post tonight. And if not, well, please leave a comment, because I think we'd be great friends!

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  1. I must admit I haven't seen most of the shows you've mentioned except for 30 Rock (which I LOVE)

    It's because I have this terrible habit of going into the living room, turning on the T.V. and falling asleep.

    Two kids, a needy dog, two cats and a husband are to blame...


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