Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Rainy Tuesday ... again

So, it's a rainy Tuesday here in NC. Seems I've posted a "Rainy Tuesday" titled post once before, go figure!

We were outside for a bit, I love the rain, but love it more when I'm home, at least that's what I used to say when I had to commute to work in it. But now I'm thinking to myself that another day of rain really isn't what I need. My daughter and I don't really take walks in the rain, we don't play in the backyard that much when it's rainy. I mean, a small on and off drizzle like today isn't bad, but a real downpour and we're inside for the long haul.

While outside we had a small mishap and we had to change from her boots to her croc-like shoes because she stepped in dog-poop. Now, let me clarify, I clean up every afternoon when we're out there, or she does (I swear, look at the pictures!)

But with the rain it hasn't been easy to get out and do it. And so, dog-poop-boots. Fun stuff. She proceeded to find one large puddle to make "put-prints" [how is it that she can say feet, and foot, but not foot-prints?] and shortly after that I counted to 60 and we were ready to come inside. I seriously counted the entire thing. Does anyone take shortcuts when you do stuff like that? I don't, I guess I swear she'd catch me. And I'm okay with that, but in the meantime I'll stick to the truth. For now. Unless someone can teach me how to get away with it. But I digress ...

So I have cranberry BBQ chicken in the crockpot (recipe and pics will come later) and we're back inside, me
thisclose to making some tea, and my lil one watching Little Bear and snacking on fruit chewy bugs. I hope if it's rainy where you are today that you're inside, nice and toasty, and enjoying the beautiful fall weather from behind a clean window. Or like me, from behind one covered with fingerprints. 'Cause either way, you're nice and dry, and sometimes that's the most important thing, right?

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