Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I want to win a new dryer ...

And a new washer ... and a new microwave (just so I don't have to clean mine) ... a new oven (same cleaning issue) ... get my point yet?

There was a crazy Samsung giveaway going on where like 8 bloggers received the aforementioned items and then some. And now Best Buy is giving away a $200 GC, and therefore I have to post this. I never post for extra giveaway entries, but 8 chances to win that $200 and I'm all over it.

You can find out about it here on BlogHer.

And the following links take you directly to each giveaway:

Totally Together Reviews

Nikas Culinara

Fluid Pudding

The Life of Suz

So go for it! What do you have to lose? Unless you make ME lose. I won't be thrilled about that. But I'll be happy for you. Through gritted teeth. And then I'll be shipping you my laundry ... one basket at a time.

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