Friday, October 23, 2009

My favorite things!

I hate being sick.

I am fighting whatever my daughter has, and for me it's making me soooo tired and cranky. My hubby kind of has it, too, but with his body's way of dealing with colds he'll be better by tomorrow. She's all goopy, but hanging in there, and was up most of the night. Which was so NOT fun for Mommy. Tired. Cranky. Almost achey. Headachey. Itchy. Cranky. Scratchy. Did I mention Cranky?

Anyway, we're hanging in there. We had to cancel a playdate for today because of the goopies, and I hope we are OK enough to make it to a Trunk-or-Treat event on Sunday. Mostly because I have responsibilities at the actual event as a volunteer, and also so she can have some fun before Halloween. If she isn't up for it I'll have hubby drop me off and drive her around some so she gets a nap for a change. We shall see!

So, a few of my favorite things for the day are:

Orange juice 

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