Thursday, September 24, 2009

My Winnings!

I started blogging in March. So far I have actually won several giveaways, and it shocks me each time it happens, AND makes me smile!

First, I won a gift certificate to $100 off a cleaning from I won this from Cat at 4 Nuts in a Nutshell. I have not used it yet, as I'm trying to figure out the best deal, along with how to make a reservation on the website and explain that more than anything what I need cleaned is my bathrooms and carpets!! I hope to use it soon, though!

Then I won a $30 GC to Skin Free Skin Care from Pat at Here and There. I ordered myself a soothing stick and their shower pack which included a shower gel and a sugar scrub. Ahh, delightful!

Next I won the It's a Girl Thing giveaway from Susana at Our Homeschool Fun and received a fun Crayon Roll for my daughter:
... and a beautiful heart bracelet for me!

Most recently I won a free header and blog button from Gabriele at The Work Of Childhood, and I look forward to seeing her creative talents at work.

I also recently won a free tube of Baby Bliss Nipple Cream, from Shelly over at
Adventures of a Breastfeeding Mother.

And lastly, today I received a new planner from Busy Body Books. I won this at
ABC & 123 Learning and am SO excited. I'm so dorky, but nothing makes me happier than a fresh, clean, blank slate of a planner for the coming year!
So, if you think you'll NEVER win something when you read about the amazing giveaway someone is having, think of me, and GO FOR IT! What can it hurt to enter? Just leave a comment, that's usually all they ask for, and it's a great feeling to hear that you've won something! Even something small, like a tube of nipple cream. ;)

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