Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Muffin Tin Monday! On a Tuesday!

So I was majorly slacking last week, and yesterday, and we are actually doing our MTM(T) today for breakfast.

I didn't go all out w. the circus theme, but figured I'd use these new bear tins I got with a nice Q at Michael's. I LOVE how they accept AC Moore Qs, along w. any other competitor. Excellent savings for the weeks when Michael's didn't put a Q in the paper.

Anyway, today (right now, in fact) she's having mini-pancakes in the teddy bear tins. And bears are circus animals, right? ;)

She seriously wanted to eat the bears. I am pretty sure she is playing with them right now, and the pancakes are back on their original plate. I should be filming this, as the bears appear to be communicating with one another.

Anyway, hope you all enjoyed your MTM, and thanks for letting me sneak in under the wire with a Tuesday post! For more on Muffin Tin Monday, check out Her Cup Overfloweth!


  1. those bear tins are great, i can see why she'd want to play with them.

  2. Very cute bear tins! I love them! I almost did a bear sandwich, but decided to make other things! Love how the mini pancakes look just like a teddy bear's tummy! :)

  3. very yummy!!! very cute ... great combination. Now I might have to get some of those cute bear cups!!!


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