Monday, August 3, 2009

Muffin Tin Monday!

Another Muffin Tin Monday! This week's theme is a party theme, so we opted for our usual (boring, I know) aluminum foil tin and our newly opened tea party set. This was one of her holiday gifts, but we just opened it the other day (I'm good like that!)

So we had a tea party with Tasha and Uniqua from The Backyardigans, and lots of yummy snacks. Mini Oreos, Mini Chips A'hoy Chocolate Chip cookies and Disney Princess fruit chews.

And the most exciting thing ever ... Goldfish makes S'mores bags! Grahams, Chocolate Grahams and mini marshmallow fish! So fun! She ate the fruit chews first, then the Goldfish, and the Oreos. Mommy ate the other cookies, and I'm not even ashamed to say so!

Doesn't she look so thrilled in this one?

Head on over to see Michelle for more MTM posts and to join in the fun! Oh, and if you DO participate, can you tell me where you find all of the cute MTM supplies out there? 'Cause obviously, I'm lacking!


  1. Yum! :) Goldfish Smore's sounds awesome!

  2. Oh a tea party! Of course with all boys I have no idea what those are lol. Love the pics, she is a cutie pie. :)

  3. A tea party MTM! GREAT idea!

  4. I just realized--she has red hair doesn't she? I've always hoped one of mine would end up with red hair--like me:-)!!

    We LOVE the Backyardigans--and cookies, too, of course:-)!

  5. I love the pictures of her! we have that tea set! looks like fun!

  6. Looks yummy!

    You can usually find good supplies at Michael's...

  7. Oh yummm! I love tea parties and cookies! (Who doesn't???) I've never seen Goldfish S'mores, but that sounds sooooo good. I'm keeping my eye out for those the next time I go grocery shopping.

  8. Mmmmm, cookies. Nothing goes with candy better!

  9. Love how you combined it with a tea party set. How adorbale.


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