Monday, August 24, 2009

I'm a Guest Blogger!

It's my first submission, and I am so excited I was published!

Check out Nancy's blog, If Evolution Really Works and you'll see my mug on the front page (for today, anyway!) ACK ... I was in shock when I saw the picture up there. It's huge! I should have sent her a different one, where my hair was neater and stuff.
But hey, that's me. Take it or leave it, right?

But either way, I wrote a small submission about the Mother of the Year award and figured I'd see if it was a good fit for her site. I guess it was. Yay!

So check it out: Mother of the Year? And please leave us some comments on your thoughts about it! (There or here, whichever you want. Heck, both is OK, too!)


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