Saturday, July 11, 2009

Are you FLY?

Or should I ask, are you a FLYBABY?

If you know what the heck I am talking about then you are one of the millions of people out there who have heard of the Flylady. I have not done any Flybaby tasks in quite some time, but I bring her up tonight (in the wee morning hours) as a friend mentioned her today, and inspired me to go ahead and tear into my horrific sink situation.

If I have done any due diligence, you know already that my dishwasher has been out of commission since March. Yes, it is July. I know.

And so I pretty much always have something in my sinks. Yes. Plural. The Southern home has two parts to the sink. One part garbage disposal, the other part regular sink. I use both of mine as a sink to catch the dirty dishes. And believe me, I have not been proud of my lack of environmental ethics lately, but I have opted for paper and plastic over adding another dish to the piles that lay before me.

And so, tonight, as the clock skipped later and later, I stood in my kitchen, iPod Nano plugged in and blaring (softly) and I washed dishes. I cleaned my sink, my other sink, and a huge amount of the junk in them both. Now one side is completely clean, and, GASP! Empty! While the other side soaks under some detergent-filled-water. Now I know that Flylady (I'll get back to her in a minute) would say that I should hide the supposed bucket of water UNDER my sink, however that would be impossible, as that is where my garbage pail and other varying cleaning supplies are hidden!

Now, Flylady made me crazy some years ago with 900 e-mails in my inbox over the short window of time I spent with her. So much so I gave up on her book and took very few tips from it (excepting the some-number-of-items-fling-boogie, which has me tearing through my closets and bedrooms tossing such number of items into a trash bag and saying, 'Be gone!') This, however, did not stop me from purchasing her Flylady Body Clutter book, which was supposed to teach me to rid my body of clutter like my home. As if. Had I remembered that I never really got through the ridiculously pink book she first reached out to me with, I would have never bought this second one. But alas, I did. And it sits, up in my bedroom, collecting dust on a shelf I have not yet boogied through.

But if I can get half my sink clean, I can do anything! And after all, my parents are coming on Monday, and I need to clean my entire house and lose at least 20 lbs by then ... so I'd better get my butt moving!


  1. Ugh, yeah...too many e-mails. I prefer Motivated Moms. It's worth 8 bucks.

  2. I love Flylady, but I know what you mean by the emails. I suffer from CHAOS and am trying to get a hold on it. I decided to dedicate a blog to just getting control of my home. My blog is From Pigpen To Paradise, if you want to check it out.

  3. I'll have to look into Motivated Moms. Maybe it'll kick me into high gear!


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