Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Juicy-yogurt shake!

So today I made a *shake* for us, and got the recipe from another kid-friendly book. 365 Foods Kids Love to Eat: Fun, Nutritious and Kid-Tested! (Thanks to a friend for turning me onto this book, and another one in the series!) It was SO simple, and my little one had fun pushing the buttons on the blender and drinking HER special drink!

1 c. vanilla yogurt

1 c. apple juice

1 c. ice cubes

Mix (in the blender) and serve. Yum!

I have some left over in the fridge for tomorrow, and you know what? Even I enjoyed it, I kind of liked the taste! Give it a shot with any flavored yogurt you might have, and any kind of juice. It's pretty good, and it is truly kid-friendly!


  1. Yummy! Sounds great! Can I have some? :)

  2. Oh yummy!! I need to pull that book back out again and actually start making some more stuff!
    Just wait til you get into the cookie cutter sandwiches...L won't eat a regular sandwich anymore, LMAO!


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