Thursday, June 25, 2009

An Angel and a King ...

How horribly tragic. How terribly sad.

First, this morning I read that Farrah Fawcett passed away. She finally succumbed to her battle with anal cancer.

And then tonight my SIL calls me and tells me that Michael Jackson is either in a coma or dead. What? Michael Jackson is dead?

I'm sitting here watching the 20/20 special about Farrah, and I'm so sad. She suffered so much, but was so beautiful.

And the King of Pop. Gone? As crazy as he was in the later years, he was and will always remain a legend. There will never be another like him. So tragically sad.

Rest in Peace, Farrah. Rest in Peace, MJ.

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  1. I always really liked Michael Jackson; I never believed any of the rumors that were spread about him. I always felt sorry for him b/c he never got to have a normal life & to me that was very sad. I remember thinking at times if he could do something regular without a bunch of people following him around, I bet he would have loved that. Farrah Fawcett too. What a sad day.


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