Saturday, May 9, 2009

D@mn, that WAS a storm!

OK, so we finally had one of THOSE storms here. Albeit a brief one, it was pretty friggin nutty. It started to drizzle while my lil one and I were outside trying to a) call in the dog, and b) pick up the dog's water bowl, and c) I felt that wind riling up so I was trying to put all of her loose toys into the big bucket o' balls we have out there. As soon as I realized that the rain and wind were for real, I opened the kitchen door, pushed her inside (much nicer than that, I promise!) and tried pulling the door shut behind me, at the same second calling to the dog, who was freaking out in the back of our yard.

My poor husband only saw me from where he was sitting. Obviously I was struggling with the door, and he couldn't see where our daughter was, so he came flying towards me, obtaining an injury to the leg below the knee (and if you know me, you know I'm one of those people who tries REALLY HARD not to laugh when something like this happens, and I didn't this time. I mean I didn't laugh, it was an honest to G-d miracle.) Anyway, as we get the door closed, dog still out there, I realize that the curtain from said door is somehow flying on the outside of the house, while still attached to the door! What? Yep, you read that right. The gusts of wind were so intense that the curtain flew up and over, the rod flew out and was MIA until I was upstairs w. the kiddo in her room and she looked out for 'my table!' and I noticed that the rod was partially buried in the dirt/now mud beside the sandbox.

And so, that was fun. The whole scenario. A total blast. Especially when hubby had to get on his boots and rain-jacket to get out there and cover the sandbox to ensure it didn't get flooded and overflow w. lovely sand grains throughout the yard. He covered that with our mini-kids' picnic table, so that's alright, but the water table and baby pool are in the middle of the yard, and the basketball hoop is laying flat, so for the most part we're all set. Let's just say I'm glad we didn't put our new-used slide and climbing combo out there just yet! Whew!

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