Thursday, April 16, 2009

Does it make me a bad mommy?

Some days I don't want to go outside! It's not that we don't need the fresh air, and it's not that I don't love the sunshine, but every time we go out there I wind up filling up our water table and she gets completely soaked. Today wasn't so bad, but I had to take her pants off as soon as we came in the house because they were totally wet and totally filthy.

Now, I don't mind playing in the dirt, mud, water or anything like that, but some days I just want to stay inside, avoid the pollen and entertain her in here.

Even when I bring 900 other possible options outside with us, she stays with me for a minute or two and says, 'I need water.' Need. What an interesting word, isn't it? I mean, what can a two-year-old really need? She's so determined, too. She tries to turn the spigot on the hose and get the water flowing, without caring about anything around her. If I don't turn it on right away, like today, she takes my water bottle and spills it into the water table. Heck, she's strong enough and determined enough that she even turns the table OVER to start playing. Where did this kid come from, anyway?

So, I confess, sometimes I just don't want to deal with being out there. I do it because I know she loves it, but I still don't always WANT to. And never mind the battles of coming inside again later. Those are the worst. Alas, we still end up having fun, and more often than not, I'm soaked right there with her!

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