Thursday, April 30, 2009

Cloudy today!


I'm kind of happy that it's cloudy today. I think the heat has been doing a number on me. Last night when I went to take a shower I realized that my shoulders are pretty sunburned. Now, I use sunscreen, but sometimes I forget about me and focus on her. And for me I use the Huggies' sunscreen spray, too. Maybe I need something else? After all, I'm not exactly the generation Huggies is geared towards, I just purchase their products for my little miss.

Anyway, a cloudy day = a cooler day, so that's kind of nice. Although my nose is runny now, so I guess I just can't win!

I promise I'm done w. my griping now. I think hubby is right and I need to get one of those "complaint bracelets" that my brother and SIL have. I'll have to look into them. There are so many things to gripe about, but for the most part life is pretty d@mned good! Have a great day, everyone!

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