Thursday, March 12, 2009

Is it too early?

Is it too early for a drink? 

How many stay-at-home moms do you think ask that very question around the world? I won't say that I think it daily, as honestly, I'm not much of a drinker. I do like the occasional glass of wine, though. [Wow, I can't believe I spelled that right on the first try! Occasional, I mean.] Anyway, there are moments in these days, when I do ask the question, where I feel like my daughter can't make a move without me. Where I want to turn on the television and plop her in front of it so I can pee by myself! And sometimes, like a few moments ago, we were playing nicely on the laptop. Taking pictures of ourselves with the MAC Photo Booth. She got a little too heavy to hold the way I was holding her, and I kept trying to put her down with no luck. Finally I went to shut the laptop and she lost it. I kept trying to soothe her, but she wasn't having it. Now, it wasn't nearly as bad as it might sound, but for a split second I thought to myself, is it too early for a drink? And yes, it is, as I would never drink in the middle of the day when I'm the only one home with my daughter! Heck, I barely drink as it is, I'm certainly not going to do it now. But it's nice to think that later, when she's asleep in her crib, and I'm sitting on the couch, I can pick up a glass of my 'Mommy's Time Out' wine (yes, it really is named that!) and sit back for a few moments of silence. Funny thing is, I probably won't even do it ... but it sounds like a good idea right now!

So, if you happen to be raising a glass out there while you read this, have a sip for me! Salud! Le'chaim! To your health!

Oh, and here's one of our shots, she's so cute, isn't she?

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