Wednesday, March 11, 2009

And so ...

I realized that I completely posted without finishing a thought.

My whole point was that I looked at my daughter, playing outside with bowls of water, cups and sidewalk chalk (there are few sidewalks here, how do I live in a place w. so few sidewalks?) and I noticed that her little cheeks were flushed a bright pink. But the reason I didn't fill up the water table was because it totally felt like rain. I thought between the breeze and the smell in the air, from what I could tell, anyway, that we're definitely due. Anyway, she was pink, but it's since faded, whereas I will still swear that my arms were sunned a bit, despite the sun being practically invisible out there while we were out. 

And on that note, time to join her in watching some Dora! Yes, I let my two-year-old watch TV. So sue me!

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