Friday, November 2, 2018


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Some days there isn't much to say.

Some days I find myself falling asleep from the silence.

The eerie echoes of nothingness.

And on some days I whisper.



And I smile.

Some days I wonder.

Some days I think too much.

Some days the thoughts float around my head and trap me in there with them.

And on some days I whisper.

A hand squeeze.

A kiss on the forehead.

Eye contact.

Some days I remember.

Some days I want to forget.

Some days I slam doors.

Some days I sob heavily.

Some days the tears fall silently.

Some days I laugh loudly.

Tears of laughter falling from my eyes as I try to catch my breath.

And on some days, still, I whisper.


  1. I can relate to this one so much. Although I'm probably way more apt to scream than whisper.

  2. I'm like Cathy, I'm more likely to scream than whisper. I am trying to delve more into writing to control my emotions - or at least have an outlet. Years ago, I would have blogged about the personal things bothering me the most, but now that I'm no longer semi-anonymous, I feel like I don't really have that option. But it's nice to have a safe space to whisper, scream, cry, or laugh.



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