Monday, October 1, 2018

A Spark of Light, Jodi Picoult

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This book.

Was so good.

You need a copy (affiliate link coming up!). It comes out tomorrow (October 2, 2018). Go. Order it now. A Spark of Light. You will thank me later.

I wish I had all the words to describe how powerful a piece of writing, or several pieces of writing - as I'm guessing Picoult didn't sit down and write it out in one attempt - this actually is.

Honestly, when you start reading? You can't begin to imagine how this story plays out.

And even more so? It's almost, well, it kind of plays out backwards, until we move forward again. And it's a genius style of storytelling you don't want to miss.

I wasn't given a copy of this book for review. I actually won a copy on Goodreads. Imagine that? Most people enter and enter and probably wonder, will they ever win one at all? And me? I won this one.

I did actually sign up to review the book elsewhere, but received an advanced digital copy that I had a difficult time following. Once I had the hard copy in my hands? I got it. I knew why I struggled. I knew why I was confused. And I knew why I was not going to get much sleep as I turned page after page.

Set at a women's health clinic, the Center, as it's called, is a place where women go for help. For medical treatment. For support. And yes, for abortions.

The subject of women's rights is not an easy one to tackle, but our author does so seamlessly. Her characters, each with their own history, their own losses, their own grief, pain, heartache, and their own love.

We meet each of them and as we do find ourselves learning more about the events that led them to the Center. The events that led them to cross paths. Unexpected. Joyful. Devastating.

We learn their histories. We learn about the people in their lives outside of the Center's few walls.

We learn about fathers and what they would do for their daughters. Mothers and what they do for their children - the born and the unborn. We find ourselves in the minds of those who are pro-life. Of those who are pro-choice. Of those who were one and are now the other.

I can tell you more - but I'm not sure I should. I'm certain that fans of Ms. Picoult's writing style will enjoy this book. So, if you're a fan? You should go get yourself a copy. Find it here: A Spark of Light.

And then come back and tell me what you thought of it. What you guessed and had no clue about. And, well, just how you felt while processing each aspect of each person's story. Because this is the kind of book that moves you. And those feelings make for an incredible read.

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