Tuesday, August 21, 2018

The Other Woman, Sandie Jones


This book is one of my favorite books I've read this year.

And no, I'm not in the range of having read 100 books or anything like that. I've kind of given up on the dream there. I am taking it one page-turner at a time.

But you know I share books with you that I've read and loved. And then I share ones that I haven't read but want to, and expect to love. And I usually include affiliate/referral links, so if you buy them I make a few pennies off of recommending them to you (there are some throughout this post, by the way!). And I do sometimes receive a copy of a book that I review for you [yes, I did receive this one] - but if you know me the way I think you do - you already know this does not sway my feelings about the read. It has to be a good book to keep me interested. A good enough story to grab and hold onto my attention.

And The Other Woman? Does all of that and more.

And honestly, buy it with my link - don't - it doesn't matter! Get it from the library if you want. Borrow it from a friend. Me, if you're nearby (I have a hard copy right here next to me. Call dibs and it's yours!).

Just get it. You need to read it.

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Just do it.

It's the perfect beach read, pool read, commuter read, travel read, or just sit and curl up on your couch read, whenever you have the time.

It's a psychological thriller of sorts. A mystery you can't figure out. And even if you think you have? You're going to either be completely and utterly wrong, or right on the money and still really intensely ticked off. So maybe you're not going to be as blindsided as I was. But that doesn't matter. You'll still enjoy the read. It's a well-crafted story of characters you want to understand, but can't.

Until you can.

This debut novel will (mark my words) put Sandie Jones on the map.

What map? - you're surely asking yourself - and maybe me!

I don't know, exactly. But that's something that people say, right?

When we meet Emily she finds herself quickly smitten with Adam. She wasn't planning on it. Finding love out there. Finding chemistry. Lust. Attraction. All of it. She didn't expect it. But once she found it she had no intention of letting it go. Letting him go.

Adam's family is, well, they're interesting.

Don't hate yourself if you find that you're strangely attracted to his brother. It's weird. And manipulative. But still. I was.

And his mom? Pammie is a piece of work. Can't you tell already? Pammie. The future mother-in-law. Don't you already feel like she's going to be a thorn in the lovebirds' sides? I know. I feel you.

Emily is lucky, though. She has amazing friends. And I love when a female character has friends who care about her and look out for her, and are there when she needs them. And these are those kinds of friends.

The Other Woman is full of twists. Jones has you thinking one thing, questioning another, and then just about sure you hate everyone, completely. Even Emily herself, once or twice.

It's a fun read, and I think you'll absolutely enjoy it.

So, go forth and get your own copy. And then let me know what you think!


  1. sounds good, but my TBR is so tall, I'm never going to catch up. But, yet, I still acquire more books. lol


  2. Thanks for the recommendation! It does sound like something I need to read ASAP!



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