Saturday, August 12, 2017

Saturday Free Write: Welcome Home and What The Hello?

I'm home, y'all. 

New York. 

Hallelujah. Such a good feeling being home. 

Yes, North Carolina is home - certainly - but NYC will always be a part of me.

It's in my blood. It's who I am. It feels so good to be home, and I haven't even hit the "city" yet.

Right now I'm sitting in my mom's kitchen and our neighbors in the backyard are having a party. There's some old school music playing (I *may* have rocked out a bit on Snapchat!) and I'm loving this feeling that is home.

My kiddo and I are being complete goofballs.

So. Hours have gone by and it's 11:07 PM. And the neighbors are STILL playing their music. Which is lovely. And loud. And I *may* be too old for this sh*t.

Or just really really REALLY used to North Carolina, where noise ordinances are in effect and acted upon. Ehem. #justsayin

My free write has spanned over a few days and nights, which is why I'm currently in a Saturday Free Write kind of mind. And I'm also in a bit of a 'what the feck is going on in our world?' kind of mind, as well.

Because when I look at what has been happening in Charlottesville, VA? I feel so so sick.

Do you know what's happening? Have you looked at the news and read the Twitters?

You must. You must read all the things. You must inform yourself. Educate yourself. And be aware of the people out there who are not who you thought them to be.

I'm fortunate. Or - well - particular, maybe?

I haven't had to block or hide anyone. But I so wonder. What has happened to the 45-supporters that I knew of back in November? And January? And whenever else? Did they think this would happen? Did they expect this? What do they say? Do they denounce these individuals who are NOT people?

Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not saying they're in favor of this horror. I'm not. But I'm looking to hear them say the opposite. I'm looking to hear them talk AGAINST White Supremacists. The KKK. Nazi-like characters, who, you know what? They'd shun me (kill me? make me and mine obsolete?) as quickly as they would someone with different colored skin.

Gah. I didn't expect to write anything about this today. I wasn't sure I'd have the words.

I said as much on Facebook in different spaces.

This is not my America. But it has become our America.

And it is un-f*cking-acceptable.

Please raise your voice.

Use your platforms for good.

Support those who need you beside them.

Speak up.

Don't let hate win.


Talk to your children.


Let there be another Friday. And Saturday. And then some. For so so many.

Stay safe, America. I truly believe you still have some good left in you.


Prove me right.


  1. Happy to hear you are enjoying your time in NY, but we miss you in NC!!

  2. Sighh...I echo your pleas Andrea. We are living in such a crazy time. And so jelly that you are in NYC...I miss it every day.


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