Friday, June 17, 2016

Saving Abby, Steena Holmes

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Oh, boy. Saving Abby.

This was - as expected - an emotional story.

All I need to share to back that up is the line on the back of the book that states:

She must make a decision: her life or her child's.

And I'm out.

I mean, right? What mom really wants to read that kind of story?

I don't - normally. So I couldn't really say exactly what drew me in to choosing Saving Abby from a list of books to review this month.

Not. A. Clue.

The main character of Claire deals with secondary infertility. She thinks she will never ever conceive. And while it's a surprise to us when and where exactly we'll find out about the upcoming addition to the family, we obviously know that there is going to be a family. It's in the description of the book.

And you guys know me (or if you don't, well, hi!) - I don't do spoilers. So you know I'm not going to tell you all that much about the actual story. I won't tell you what happens to Claire that leads us to wondering if she's going to survive, or if the baby will, or if they both will, or won't.

But I will tell you that we learn so much about Claire and her husband Josh, and we really enjoy their relationship. It's so nice to read a book where the couple is fairly functional and there isn't intense turmoil that leaves you hating one partner or the other. They work together, too, and their lives are just - well - sometimes too good to be true.

Claire's friend Abby says as much. And her husband Derek. I really enjoyed the relationships in this story. I liked the way Claire and Josh had another couple to connect with and how each partner had their own support system in place for the times they couldn't fully lean on one another. I loved Millie, Claire's mom. I loved the community and think that Holmes found a way to create a cast of characters that wasn't overwhelming, but was just supportive enough, while giving us backstory, too.

I will share that there are a few pieces to this story that remain a bit unfinished. A bit open-ended. And I don't love that. I am a little frustrated. Freshly so, because I literally finished reading less than an hour ago. So I'm still a bit mad at Holmes for that. And I've told her that I want a sequel or a spin-off story. I want to know more about Abby and Derek. And more about Claire's mom and her life. And - just - more. But you know what? It's still a phenomenal read. Because who wants everything to be wrapped up in a pretty red bow, right? That's not what life is like - and that's not what we're getting here.

Saving Abby was an enjoyable read, and one that fits into your day in the kind of way that doesn't stress you out, which, for someone like me? Is perfect. Order a copy for yourself on Amazon today. (affiliate link)


  1. Great review! I'm reading this book now!

  2. Wonderful review!!! I read Saving Abby and I absolutely loved it!!! Steena Holmes Rocks!!!


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