Tuesday, July 28, 2015

I Need To Write.

My last post was almost a week ago.

I need to write.

I'm feeling it but I'm not.

I'm reading a LOT. So that's good.

And I'm excited because I'm headed home soon. My kiddo and I will be flying north up to NY and I cannot wait to see family and friends and also attend the Type-A Parent Bootcamp in NYC. Woot!

I'm looking forward to some learning and absorbing and so forth.

I'll also be at the Affiliate Summit, as well. And look forward to a whole new experience there. Can't wait to learn all the things and take deep breaths and meet all the people and and and...!

So right now I'm looking for ways to pass the day.

I should probably do laundry, but nah. I've done so much already.

I'm mostly packed but I know myself. I know I'll look through my entire suitcase again before bed tonight and that my mind will race until tomorrow morning when the kiddo and I get through security and finally have Starbucks in hand. *wink*

The last time I traveled it was just me and I was only gone for a few days. This time I'll be gone for quite a while and want to pack ALL THE THINGS.

Goodness, anyone else stress over packing like that?

I have some great bags and so I know I'm good to go in that area, but still. GAH!

And so - that's that. I'm just writing to say hi. Because I'm probably considered missing in action and my subscribers, if there are any, are thinking, what happened to her, anyway?

Nothing! I'm here! I promise.

Also? I'm so freaking sore. My legs and thighs and butt. And no - I didn't work out like a fiend. I was on our boat ALL day on Sunday. And whoa, the waves. I hit the seat over and over and seriously, I am sore. Ow.

See this thing behind me in my #lakeselfie below? It's a hot dog.

Yes. A hot dog.

A tube that you ride and it's great and a lot of fun but when you're on it with your child and you're in the back you find that your legs and your butt squeeze that baby hard so you don't fall off into the neverending lake and ow.

But it was fun. And I am quite sure we'll do it again before the summer's through.

Want to join us?

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  1. Yes! I want to go with you on all of it. Have a wonderful time and can't wait to follow along.


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