Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Book of the Week: Hush, Kate White

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The trend in books these days seems to be mysterious. Or at least that's the kind of book I've been frequently reading and loving.

The Girl on The Train.

The Good Girl.

Two incredible reads.

Perhaps it all stemmed from Gone Girl. A read that I enjoyed, maybe loved, even, but a book I ultimately wanted to toss out an open window of a moving vehicle. Ehem.

Hush was a similar style of read.

With our main character, Lake, facing the possibility of losing her kids in a once-amicable divorce - finding her way through weird happenings at her job - the lustful thoughts of a not-quite-co-worker, and her best friend encouraging her to get out there - this poor woman has a lot on her mind.

Lake works for a fertility clinic. They are one of her clients. Things are pretty weird over there and she somehow finds herself on the outside, trying to figure out what is happening and why.

She's got resources. Connections. She's got a chance to dig for info first-hand.

It's curious. All of it. And it's enough to keep me wondering what's going on.

But add murder to the mix and I'm really in.

The book opens up with a quick glimpse at Lake trapped. Afraid. Listening for sounds of the person who has her.

And then we leave. Dive backwards a LOT. Into the story.

But that's in the back of our minds all the time.

Every time she gets too close, we worry. Wonder.

When will *they* actually catch her?

When will she stumble and fall and find herself in the dark?

I made a number of predictions throughout this story.

Once in a while I was right. More often than not I wasn't. And then I was again.

It was a lot of fun. A really good read. Enjoyable. Mysterious. Frustrating.

With several glimpses of different aspects of Lake's life.

I'm not one who really reads sequels when it comes to books, but I'd like to hear more about these characters. I'd be open to a "Hush 2" ... and that's saying a lot.

You can grab a copy of Hush for yourself, and if you're like me - you'll probably want to check out Kate White's other books, The Sixes and Eyes on You,  as both look just as thrilling.

* I received a copy of this book from TLC Book Tours to facilitate my review. All opinions are my own. There are affiliate links to Amazon throughout this post and if you use them to purchase a book or two I'll make a few dollars (maybe!) towards supporting my book buying addiction, so thanks! *


  1. Cool! I need a good summer read!

  2. This sounds great. I just say your post over at the SITS on the 12 best books to read and I love that list. We have quite a bit in common! Gone Girl WAS great. Dark Places was good, Sharp Objects (eh not my favorite). I am just starting The Boston Girl. Looking forward to reading more - books you recommend, and your blog. I keep a little random blog that I am just starting. Nothing to shake a stick at yet. I get too hung up on design and keep starting over!!


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