Friday, December 13, 2013

Amazing Reads Gone Visual!

So this week's Amazing Reads has a switch to it. I'm slacking in the reading department this week, but I have loads of videos I've watched and loved to pieces.

So I figured I'd share some of them here.

It gives me an easy post, too. Heh.

What? It's the holiday season. I'm busy baking eating cookies and whatnot.

A friend shared this this morning and I was crying. Thank you, Conan. Warning, loads of language. NOT child-friendly OR safe for work.

I'm absolutely loving Kellie Pickler's new CD right now. Unfortunately the video has been removed ... ah, well!

Have you seen the WestJet video yet? If you haven't, please watch it. You'll believe in Santa Claus again if you do. Or at the very least in miracles.

Lastly, I shared this on Facebook earlier today. It touched me so. It's so beautiful. You don't have to understand a single word to appreciate it and find yourself moved.

* As I started wrapping up this post it reminded me of my friend Alissa over at Clever Compass who did something similar with her Best of YouTube posts this summer. So thanks, Alissa - for the inspiration to switch up from reads when you're not really reading... much.

Catch you all next week - and be sure to share your favorite reads with me - whether they're your own or someone else's - I love good content!


  1. So I finally watched that West Jet video- I got so teary! I love when people do good things for other people. More of life should be like that. But I have to ask: do you think that the dude who asked for socks and underwear was pissed at himself? I mean BIG SCREEN TV!!! He should have aimed higher. ;)

  2. OMG...That Conan video is FANTASTIC!! SO funny!!!! I was DYING!!! Bwahahahaha.

    I hadn't seen the West Jet video either! Oh, it was GREAT!! HOW ADORBS!! They really got them the presents!!!! I can't even believe it!! OMG!! How fun would it be to run in the stores and do that shopping...and then see the people's faces as the presents came down the chute!! I'm bawling!! That is the best thing EVER!!!! *sniff* --Lisa


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