Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Where I'm at.

I wrote this last night and posted it on Facebook before I went to bed. I put it on my personal page, but made it public so people would share it. 

And then I decided to share it here. Just because. 

Because every.single.year I remember. And every.single.year I write. And this year I wanted to remind others that there are people like me out there, who - when they see images of the towers falling - want to crawl into a hole and stay there. 

Not just people like me, who actually SAW what happened. Smelled it. Felt it. Felt the earth moving as the world changed forever. Not just me. Because some people sat quietly in their corner of the world. And they didn't know they were losing loved ones. And that sucks just as bad. No - worse - honestly. 

But please. Take a few minutes to read. And consider what I am saying. For everyone. 

* I know it is late and I have no idea how many people will see this, but I am saying it anyway. I hope it does not trigger anyone, because that is what I am truly trying to avoid. I am being proactive to protect myself and many friends here.

September 11th is rapidly approaching. I know that loads of posts will go live on that day remembering the loss of many years ago. But I have to ask one really important and somewhat critical favor. Please don't post pictures of the towers in flames.

Believe me, I get it, you are trying to find the right way to recognize the anniversary. I know. I do it every year, too. But please think it over. Last year someone posted that image and it destroyed me for the entire day. I couldn't get past it. It's true that this was a news story we couldn't believe, but for many others it was something we saw happening with our own eyes. We never need to see it again. Please. Share this. You have no idea how many people you might inadvertently trigger with those images. I ask you respectfully not to share them. And if you do, obviously it is your choice and freedom of speech and all. But don't be shocked if I hide you. Because I am pretty sure that I will. *

So, what say you? Do you get it? Do you know why these images don't need to be shared a zillion times over to remember the day? We get it. WE remember. All of us do. I promise. 

We'll never forget. But we don't need to *see* it happen to remember. The news, they'll surely show it enough for all of us. You watch if you want. You make the choice. I just ask that you give me that same choice as you choose NOT to share these pictures. They tear my heart out. They crush me. They hurt and trigger so many. 

Don't share them. There's no need. 

Protect your fellow men and women. Do it for yourself, too. You don't need to look at that shit. It's not going to change anything. The images don't change. Ever. They won't. So do yourself a favor. Stop it. 

For you. For me. For our friends and loved ones. For that mom you don't know who lost her son. The woman who lost her fiancĂ©. The man and kids whose wife and mother won't ever come home. The firehouse down the street from my old office who look at the faces of those lost and missing forever every single day. The people who hold onto recordings of their loved ones for one last chance to hear their voices. 

Do it for them. For me. For you. 

For everyone.


  1. I opted not to post at all today... Of course I remember, I won't ever forget, but as someone who was so close but not directly affected... as a "lucky one" for whom everyone was safe and accounted for... because I was far enough away to be out of danger and not feel it and smell it... I felt, for myself, that it was time to let people like you, who were there or who lost loved ones remember... it was time for me to step aside... like the time for my story to be shared was over. Does that make sense?

  2. I get this, Andrea. I was thinking about how I would share this piece of history with my youngest without terrifying him. I'm not sure I have the answer to that, so I'm not sure how much I will share. The images are devastating.

  3. I understand. And send you love today. I cannot imagine what it must have been like to be in New York that day. Hugs.-Ashley

  4. I saw a few pics of the burning towers today and I cringed. Even though I wasn't near it when it happened, it still brought back all that fear.

    I am mostly staying offline today- the remembrances bring me to my knees and then the every day feels wrong. Wanted to be sure to stop by here today b/c I know you were in NY that day and wanted to send you extra love. xo

  5. I totally get it. There are so many of us that already have those pictures in our minds and hearts.

  6. Ohh-- so missed this one yesterday. Z's teacher read them a book and then told them to "ask their parents to show them a video".

    First, I have to believe that's not EXACTLY what she said.

    Secondly, It's. Just. An amazing potent day to too many.

  7. I agree. I don't need to see those images. Every year I remember a classmate from college who lost his fiancee who was also a classmate of mine.


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