Thursday, July 25, 2013

Indiscretion, Charles Dubow ~ book review

When I had the opportunity to grab this novel from TLC Book Tours, I figured, why not? It's got a steamy looking cover, and the title itself is interesting enough to draw me in. Seems like the perfect summer read - don't you agree?

It starts off pulling me back into my early twenties. Our first character is on her way to the beach. She's commuting on a summer train, filled with people doing the same thing. My goodness, how I have been her!

Or so I thought. For about five minutes. Okay, a little longer, but then I didn't. Not anymore.

This book - this book was something else.

Claire is so young. So innocent. So wanting.

She somehow finds a way into Harry and Maddy's life. She becomes a friend.

Their house on the beach. The life they lead. The whirlwind of being somewhat famous, well-known, enveloped by friends and loved ones. She wants it. She wants so much of it. She doesn't necessarily come out and say it, but she doesn't have to. We see. We know.

And she finds her way in. Into the fold. Is she sneaky? We can't truly tell. Or can we?

Her manipulative ways. Her sly smile. I picture her eyes, somewhat twinkling, somewhat blank - even. No intent behind them, just intensity. I hear her laugh. It's coquettish. Is that a word? It sounds like it should be how we describe Claire's laugh.

I suppose it helps that we have Walter. Walter is our narrator. He is Maddy's best friend.

Walter knows it all. We can't tell straight away if it's current, or reflective, or perhaps a bit of both.

But we don't like Claire after a while. We change our minds about her. Sort of. Kind of.

See - the book changes. We've got a load of primary characters, the story moving back and forth. The background noise of the places they go to. New York. Rome. Paris. Travels. Some characters go. Some do not. Some hold secrets. Some suspect.

There is love. There is loss. There is an inkling, a feeling that something is going to happen. There was for me, at least. I cannot tell you what it was. I just cannot. And then it doesn't happen.

And then it does.

And you - my friend - the reader - you're thrown. You're sick. You're shocked. You can't believe ... and yet you can.

I honestly felt involved in the characters' lives beyond where I expected to see myself. The story wasn't full of happy-happy joy-joy, but it created a world I could sense around me, a feel that I could grasp, environments, scents, even. The bars. The beach. The water and the air.

Dubow's first novel does not disappoint. I promise you that.

Disclaimer: I have been provided a copy of this book by TLC Book Tours to facilitate my review. All expressed opinions are my own and I am not being compensated in any way for this review. If you're interested in picking up a copy for yourself, click the book cover above! #affiliatelink


  1. Say no more! Ordering it RIGHT THIS SECOND! Headed to the beach in August and totally taking this with me! :)-Ashley

  2. This sounds like a story I could get into. I get frustrated with predictable books. Sounds very interesting!

  3. I'm glad to see how involved you were in these characters lives ... it says a lot about Dubow's writing that it pulled you in so much.

    Thanks for being on the tour. I'm featuring your review on TLC's Facebook page today.

  4. If you are in the mood for an enthralling and sensuous reading experience where the sex is passionate, the food is fine and the alcohol flows, then choose Charles Dubow's INDISCRETION.


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